Cross Dimensional Game (YouTube and Game)

So earlier this morning, yeah, this morning, I should write as soon as I write the draft

But, yeah, earlier this morning Grian uploaded a new episode of Hermitcraft (If you guys have no idea what am I talking about, head here)

It was episode 62, not that I have watched 61 tho, I think I watched as far as 23-ish something

I got an idea, or more of an inspiration actually, it is… damn it, I can’t completely recall it, and I forgot to write down a note, huft

But yeah, the concept itself I remember. Basically, playing game in multi dimensionals thingy

I think the thing that inspired me was, that when Grian uploaded an episode where he made a trap or something, then someone watched the episode. This guy will come to others’ YouTube channel (Mumbo Jumbo for example here) and warn them about the incoming prank

So, there’re two layers here. The first one is the game, where the pranking happened. The second one is YouTube where this viewer warn Mumbo

And to be more detailed, there are more layers. First is Grian’s Minecraft, second is Grian youtube channel, third is YouTube, forth is the viewer, fifth is Mumbo’s youtube channel, sixth is Mumbo’s Minecraft

The viewer need to cross all those dimension to warn Mumbo about the incoming attack. I don’t know why, but I just feel good about this crossing dimension thing

Maybe because Avenger: Endgame, I seriously need to write about Endgame before I forget about it

The purpose of why I write this post is, to avoid, or at least to notice if one day in the future cryptomnesia hit me, again

I got a similar idea in the past, basically like playing that game, lemme find it… Alternate reality game… wait, what?! The thing that caused me to write this post, maybe the same as the reason I wrote that alternate reality game?! And I just noticed it just now, it is so weird

hmmm… so weird

Let’s get back, I got this idea, in the past, playing the game I describe in that post, tanda jejak using GPS phone NFC, but the scope is my region, or atleast my senior high school (Maybe I can realize this game in university, since my university is really big, like REALLY BIG, I hope so, I hope I remember, I hope maybe become a BEM)

Playing tanda jejak, but cross dimensional, don’t you think it’s kinda amazing, and by cross dimensional I mean not a literal mathematical dimension, but more like layer of reality, like social media, real life, school life, some kind of apps, etc

But yeah, I got sidetracked
But really, it’s an interesting idea, the fact that I already wrote about it in the past proof it~

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