About Project Dwianjana

Okay, I kinda tired today, and there’s only like 30 minutes before midnight, so this one will be a quick one, hopefully

Project Dwianjana just like any other project, begin with idea, and idea begin with inspiration

The inspiration behind this project, no, it’s not problem solving, and no, it’s not really a great start to be honest

I think entire life-cyle was begin and end* in December 10, 2018.

Idk what the 59937483 commit is, it’s just an empty commit (Or adding new file?)

The inspiration was… so around this time (Late December), there were a bunch or university, both private and public, socializing their university to high schooler (Including me)

I can’t quite remember, but there’s this one campus showing off their creation, an android app that have something to do with Balinese script. I can’t quite remember, will update if I found that out

I was quite impressed, but also feel some kind of challenge. So, I just decided then and there, literally in the middle of their presentation, to challenge them back (And no, I didn’t actually say anything…. it was just between me and myself)

So yeah, initially I want to replicate their app, but for some reason I just decided to make something else

I made this app that I called as Dwianjana, from the word Dwi (Meaning Two) and Wianjana (One of Balinese scripting system). The app was quite simple, a quiz app that show you a latin character, and you have to choose which Balinese character correspond to that latin character

It was inspired by one of my Balinese teacher, Pak Brana. When I was junior high, there was this quiz that he made us do, he would show us a random Balinese character and we have to shout what latin character or the name that correspond to that Balinese character

There was this guy, Arya Nugraha, a friend of mine who struggle, Pak Brana asked some of us (Me and some other, the best performing ones 😊) to help him out. To be honest I didn’t help that much (Maybe that’s why I made this app now, 3 years later), but I honor that moment

So yeah, this app basically just the opposite version of that quiz

But why you made this a project? You may ask… this is just a one-off project, a project that I finished in one day back in December last year. A project that should be part of _ Project (Underscore project, which I just realized I haven’t talk about in this blog)

Well, that is… because it isn’t finish yet… remember that asterisk symbol above?

One day, I forgot when, but around February this year, I think it was Putu Diah, sent me a poster, a poster about a event that called Millenial Techno Fiesta (I can’t find the chat tho)

And that, change this one off project, into a, hopefully, eventually, machine learning powered app

Btw this is the Dwianjana app, screenshot from December, not the version I will use for that event

And this may be a part of #Things happened for a reason

So, time’s up… will be back soon, hopefully I got a nice sleep today. Please help me make it a reality~

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