Writing on mobile

I am tired today, I just went with my friends to watch Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Work Heaven’s Feel Lost Butterfly

I know, a freakin long title, but we just call it Heavens Feel so problem there

I actually want to write about that today but I’m just too tired

But again, to fill today’s writing quota, but with something a bit more close to my mind right now. Instead of some random vid I found on YouTube

Not that I will never write about that kind of topic again, I will

So, while talking to my friend in the car, with another new, let’s say acquaintance named Dino? Doni?

I mentioned about my novel Disconnect Nostalgia for some reason

I just thought, why I always wrote on my computer?

Well, I think you know the answer, it’s way easier and enjoyable to type on a computer

Especially because I use a good keyboard (IMO), a Logitech keyboard

Compare that to this keyboard that I’m typing on right now

I heard there’s no key travel on the Mac’s butterfly keyboard, but that’s just a saying

There’s literally no key travel on this keyboard!

This is literally just a slab of glass, without any moving part, no haptic feedback, in fact no feedback at all

Well, I guess I can turn on the vibrate on keypress option, but nope, the vibration is just way too annoying

So yeah, the main reason I don’t wrote on my phone, is because the keyboard, the VIRTUAL keyboard

Also, maybe I can solve this problem by using an external keyboard, either via Bluetooth or OTG

But still, the keyboard will stay not be satisfying…. except if I use my big keyboard, which then raise the question

Why don’t I just type on my computer? If I put that much effort into setting up my writing on android?

Also, a problem that I just realize now

Because the screen is small, the formatting that I see is not the actual formatting that you will see

So, not a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG), it’s a real term, look it up

But I guess writing on my android occasionally is not bad after all

Especially because I just did~

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