When you found a new word and everybody suddenly use it

Well, this post actually drafted on April 9th, when I wrote a day off

But it’s kinda related to one of my observation which I called as the unluckiest principle

And since I got nothing to write about today, well I actually do have something to write about. But I am kinda lazy, so let’s write this instead

Also, I got like 151 drafts as of now, so I probably better finish my draft first instead of writing new ideas

So as I said before, this post actually intended to be written and published on April 9th, but let’s do it this way

This observation happen on that day, again April 9th

So I just wander around YouTube looking for entertainment, which I just realized 90% of my YouTube recomendation is not entertainment, it’s either Education/science or personal improvement thing

And as always, I found this one video that compile a bunch of reddit posts into vid, which for some reason I watch a lot. Weirdly, I didn’t save the url of that vid, so I can’t attach that here

Luckily, there’s this screenshot in my draft

Sorry, the screenshot looks like two images, but it’s just a portrait screenshot

Anyway, I scrolled over the comment and I found that comment. There’s this word tantrum that took my interest

As always, being the not native English speaker that I am, I opened Google Translate and translate that word. This is the first time I encounter that word, at least that’s what I remember

It mean something like, outburst of uncontrollable angerinteresting word I thought

Then I continue wander around the YouTube realm, when I found another vid and watch that vid

Interestingly, there’s this word again, tantrum, used in that vid… I was like, okay, weird

Again, I wandered around the YouTube, and weirdly again, I found this word again!

Like what? Everybody just decided to use this word starting from today or something?!

Yeah, it was weird. Especially because, (I think) the vids that I watched is already uploaded quite awhile ago

The interesting thing is… why I encounter that word a lot today? and not yesterday?!


I got a theory, may be, those vids are from the same channel… nah, it still weird

I think YouTube can transcribe visual and audio information from vid right? Maybe Google also use the info that ‘this guy just translate the word’ and sugggest a whole bunch of YouTube vids that have the word tantrum in it

Hmmm… unlikely

It’s probably just the unluckiest principle come to play again. Basically, I just found that word today, translated it, and put that word at the back of my head. I didn’t actively thinking about that word

But since I haven’t sleep yet, my brain haven’t consolidated that memory, so basically that word was staying at my mind without me aware of it, in my subconscious if you may

Then, when I encounter that word again later, because my brain already paying attention to that word subconsciously, I notice it

Yeah, the keyword is, I NOTICE IT

The theory is, I already encounter the word tantrum plenty of times before, but because I didn’t pay attention to it, it just slip like that

Then once I pay attention to it, I just became aware and hyper sensitive to that word and therefore, I NOTICE THE WORD MORE

Even though the amount that word use is just the same as before, I just notice it right now

Yesterday I just wrote something related to ‘popularity of word’

Yeah, I think I also have a similar thing happened when I was in elementary school

Basically, one day I found an interesting song and listen to that song a lot of times, I thought that song was something like hidden gem or something

Then the very next day, everybody humming that song and sang it

Probably the same theory apply there as well, with added information that I only found that song in the first place because that song is popular (Therefore recommended a lot) but I just didn’t gave it attention before

Okay, one draft reduced from my 151 drafts… I think keeping my post brief is a good thing


Looks like this post published to April 9th when I intent it to be published as today (April 14th), I guess I will edit it

Next time I will pay more attention before clicking the publish button

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