Two Mistakes Today

Today and yesterday is really fun, it is quite an interesting story to tell, but I’m too tired today

Yesterday I stayed at a hotel until this morning with Arya

But also yesterday, Arya asked me to watch Avenger End Game. He haven’t watch it, but I already did three days ago

But there’s nothing bad about rewatching it again, so I decided to rewatch it yesterday

The ‘today’ part of the title, is because the movie played from 9.20PM to around 12.30AM

No, the first mistake is not that I rewatch the movie again

But because, I recorded the credit scene of that movie 😀

So yeah, the movie is ending, the credit is rolling, then come that signing credit by the actors, I was impressed by that scene three days ago

So I decided to get my phone and just record that scene. The thing is, I just completely forgot that we are not suppose to record of any kind in the cinema

Well, maybe this happened because we were late. We got to the theater like 10 minutes late

So we skipped that whole part of the movie where we are told to mute our phone, that all around you thingy, and of course, the warning that we’re not allowed to record of any kind

Yeah, maybe that’s why, my mind just impressed (again) by the credit, without much thought I just record that part

It happened like, just before 12.30AM, so yeah, today

One reason I decided to rewatch the movie is because I curious how it feels watching a movie late in the night in a cinema

Well, because the cinema was 3D, there’s some staff coming to the studio for collecting our 3D glasses

That’s when I started recording, and the staff noticed

They asked me to open my gallery nicely, and deleted that recording

I feels really bad about that, I know I am at fault, but I really didn’t mean to. I was just, blown away by the credit scene

So yeah, she deleted it, and that’s it

Oh yeah, Arya also mumbled something, he probably just say random things, but those things actually make me seems like record vid in cinema regularly

‘Biase san Gusti’

Just for the record, nope, I may have record for Instagram stories, but that’s it

I mean, I am that type of guy who tried his best to obey the law (That he think is useful)

So yeah, there was nothing really bad happen, I wasn’t jailed or something

But I just feel bad, even right now

The second mistake is… about my indecisiveness

If that movie thingy happened around 12.30AM. This happened around 9AM

Basically, I and Arya went to Widya Sabha to participate in UNUD EXPO

We are using different motorcycle (We already checked out of hotel, and we came at different time to the hotel, basically, inhabitable)

Because I know the location while Arya don’t (A really rare occasion), I took the lead and drive first

Then, just before we arrived, I thought to myself, should we park at this parking spot or that other one?

There’s two entrance to Widya Sabha that lead to two different parking spot

Then because it took me too long to think, we already just second before passing the first entrance

And I was like, doing a 90° turn just at the last second

Arya said there’s one motorcycle behind me who got panicked because of me

Then behind that was Arya, he got panicked as well

So yeah, my indecisiveness

And btw, that Arya mumbling thing I mention at the movie theater, it reminded me of Deoming, basically they said something they thought as innocent, but actually is really bad

So what I would do differently

For the first mistake, not much I can do

Maybe not late (Oh yeah, I also got late to UTBK), and just be more attentive

But well, I can’t say I was fully to blame, I am really was inspired by that credit scene, I can’t help but to do it

While the second one, maybe if I haven’t decided anything yet, I will just park at the road side

Basically, do the decision making thing while not driving

So yeah, lesson learned~

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