Trying to restore my childhood photos

Again, another post that I write on my phone

I think I enjoy writing on mobile more than I thought I would be

Well, this is probably mostly because I don’t feel like writing long post on mobile, so I got to spend less time writing

This idea come to my mind a couple days ago, maybe last week when I watched Technology connection vid about CD, that’s just one of them, I probably watch a lot of it before I came to realization

My father used to back up our photos to cd right?

That’s when I was like, why don’t I back it up again to cloud storage

Yeah, I personally found CD as unreliable. Also hdd is not good enough as a back up solution for me, so cloud to the rescue

I planned to back it up to either my Google Drive or Google Photos

But, I was getting ahead of myself

Since three days ago, I asked my father to look for the CDs, then two days ago he gave me some CDs containing my family old photos

I didn’t have CD-rom in my computer, so I postponed it to yesterday

Yesterday I got busy with the Heaven’s Feel stuff with my friend

And this morning I got busy with some more school stuff, like returning my school’s books and writing a letter (Surat Keterangan Mengikuti UN) for my college data verification

After postponing it a couple times, finally I got time to spare for this rescue mission

Well, actually I already tried last night using an external CD-ROM that my father found. But I thought the CD-ROM is broken, it didn’t even spin the CDs

Because it was late in the night I postponed it to today

This evening I borrowed my father laptop to try open these CDs, it’s the older Lenovo one

Nope, didn’t even spin the CDs again, I was worried

Then I asked my brother to try it out, eaps, this time the CD did spin, but no, it only showed up the Drive letter on the Windows Explorer, we couldn’t see the data inside

Then I borrowed my father’s other laptop, this time the CD did spin again, but again, can’t read the data

I’m kinda annoyed that my father was like, okay, if we lost these data. While I think these pictures are kinda like treasure for me

But my father did treat these CDs well, no scratches whatsoever, just kinda a bit dusty

And as you might guessed by the title of this post, yeah I haven’t been able to recover the data

I gave up for now, I asked my father to store those CDs back for now

I think there’s like 5 CDs, there must be a tons of important pictures there. I need to find a way to restore those

But for now, at least I have tried~

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