Transparency in Government

5 days ago, 17th of April 2019, was held an election in Indonesia

I heard that internationally, people said this election was overly complicated, yeah it was

It’s because there’s just too much to choose from, president, DPR, DPD, Regional DPRD and Province DPRD

I will be honest, I didn’t do enough research on the candidate, my reasoning is that I was too busy with college stuff

I am not proud of that, but my vote was good enough, it will be ‘great’ if only I got more time to do the research

Also, it’s hard to do research for the candidate other than the president, only the president candidate got enough publication

While other, like DPR, DPD and DPRD, they don’t get enough publication. So it was really hard to do research on the candidate

This is something they have to do something with in the future, 2024 guys

But let’s get to the main point of this post

A couple days ago, I read a news saying that the KPU site was down because of over traffic

KPU btw, is the one responsible counting the vote for the election

Today I was, I don’t remember, but I just opened KPU site, and I saw something quite remarkable

That is the (not quite) real time count of the votes!

Their site is actually useful!

There’s this hashtag on the footer of the page #KPUTransparan which lead me to write this post, admiring their effort to do it

I admire them, I admire the site, if only government can be transparent, more transparent

I got this idea a long time ago, if I got to be a president, just like this blog, I will write a blog post explaining what I doing, and why I did certain thing the certain way I did it

Because I want to hear directly from them, not just the interpretation of the news reporter, but hey, will I ever be a president? I don’t even think I want to be one

Except, for a president for a company of course

But, I will be honest… I know honesty isn’t always going to be beneficial, especially if others are not doing the same

For example, I got UKT5, basically my college education cost is at the highest category, that is MAYBE because my honesty in filling the form

I know I complain about this a lot, but that’s way too much money you know. That would be a burden for my parent, yeah my parent

I want to work

I know people forced to lie, sometimes. But I think, I got this ukt to compensate for others’ lie

But, I would appreciate if my government would be more transparent and more open to what they’re doing

And make us aware of it, aware of the way we can access that info

There’s no point if you the info out there, but no one know about it

So yeah…

Btw this post, is for DPR, don’t you guys dare to do corruption, also for everyone else!

You guys are rich, why you need more than that. There’s a lot more people that desperate for that money than you

Huft, this post is not going to my intention. I think I didn’t convey the thing I wanna say successfully

But still, I just wanna say that~

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