The ride that is Yakusoku no Neverland

I’ve just finished watching the latest episode of Yakusoku no Neverland, specifically episode 12

Which btw, I can somewhat predict how the last episode would played out, remember, somewhat

I can guess that Isabella (Mama) is not purely evil, I can guess they would succeeded in escaping. Which is just a standard guess tbh

I can’t predict most things that happened in the last arc. I can’t predict they would ACTUALLY let balita (Under 5yo babies) to stay, which is a wise choice

I can’t predict everything that happen with Phil, which is great btw. Phil is great character, I was sad when Phil cried. He is such a smart child

That flashback of mama, feels really out of the blue, is it some kind of Deus ex Machina? Nah. That flashback, while it was kinda forced, is great, it fleshed out the character of Mama for the last time

It made me cheer for her, somehow. I know that she must have forced to act the way she did (Just like sister), but no, I still shiver…

I don’t really understand couple of things, did Norman survive? I read one chapter manga and he survived, but the way Ray see Norman imply that Norman is dead

And about Ray, really, how did he know that song?

Also, are all those children that lived in Plant 3 the biological child of Mama Isabella?! That one flashback imply that way

But that scene just before she saw Ray singing the song, when she touch the walls, imply that is the first time Mama Isabella there, but she knew Ray’s name, and Ray knew that song?!

There’s two scene of Isabella that gave me chill

The first is, when she untie her hairs. Which was scary btw, it reminded me of Indonesian’s horror, especially with that long hair and white dress

But no, that’s not where the chill came from. The chill came because she wishes them a good luck

The way she grabbed those ropes, made me think that she would commit suicide, which immediately make me feels uncomfortable. Why tho? Why did I think this?

She still have those under 5 children to care for

And this

Seriously, that scene really impactful, I can’t really say why… but, it’s just a mixed feeling for me

Also, she implied that she know that Phil know but calm him down, this is weirdly saddening

So yeah, I don’t really have that much interconnected experience with this series, I will be watching the second season (Probably next year) though

I think I did wrote my thought on the first episode, or maybe not since I can’t seems to find the post

But yeah, unlike Oregairu and Hyouka, I don’t really feel relate to this series

Not that this is bad, this is great, just not relateable (Thanksfully)

But yeah, thanks for accompanying me going through my Deltalife stage of my life, Yakusoku no Neverland~

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