The landing page that I haven’t updated for 4 months

Yesterday, after I published My first Unit Test, I tried to practice doing some Widget testing, then I opened Firebase for my Riwallet project and realized something

Usually I will be on autopilot and click Riwallet, my current main project immediately. But yesterday, I gave it pause for a bit, after some loading in my mind, something clicked

Hmm… Have I fix my landing page’s problem?

Nope, the answer is no

I didn’t and still don’t really understand what the problem was, but to my understanding there’s some problem with my Firebase Domain Verification


But that’s not really the interesting part…

This is the interesting part

Basically, as the title of this post suggest, I haven’t updated that landing page for like 4 months 😂

I also can conclude that, I was active managing and developing this landing page around late December 2018. That include, hmm, how should I put it, setting up the domain routing

Basically^2, my landing page, and therefore my main domain ( has been down for like, around 3 or 4 months 🤣

I did try to open my home domain in rare occasion in the last 3 months, and it only gave me an error. I forgot the error message was, but it was Chrome’s error message, probably Chrome complain that it can’t access the domain IP Address or something

Oh yeah, did I say actively managing? Well, for a couple hours maybe, because all my landing page looks like as of now, is like this

Eaps, that’s a screenshot, a full page screenshot of my landing page. Just one image and that’s it 😂

I think I had this ideas to make my timeline there, like, my recent activity or something

One of those idea is, stats of my social media reach, inspired by Raditya Dika’s landing page

His stats is static, but I want mine to be a dynamic one (Instead of hard coded number, I want my server to check my social media account via its API and show it in real time), therefore I use Firebase Hosting btw, so it’s closer to its Cloud Function server

But… I think I came across a, some problems (Setting up the API key, I think it was Instagram API key), and I was just like… nah, let’s do it tomorrow

Then I forgot it… I probably will forget it tomorrow as well. No hard feeling

I probably will update my landing page soon, in 6 months or something 🤣

There’s also this, my home route of the domain, and are, or is it IS? down

But one of the subdomain is active, that subdomain is this blog,… really active in fact, the content is updated daily… so yeah, it’s just kinda funny

The frontpage is unusable while the backpage(?) is really active. Like a house with ugly patio but nice backyard

Patio! The word I learned from WordUp app, trying my best to incorporate it in my everyday sentences :v

Btw about this blog, I haven’t complete the #migrating to wordpress right? That’s because this blog is not 100% done yet, currently I am using DigitalOcean as server provider, but it prove not cost effective considering my lack of daily visitor. So I probably will switch soon

Kinda sad tbh

I have been actively blogging for the last 3 and a half months, I think. But my adsense barely passed Rp. 6000, so less than half a dollar

Should I keep this up? Idk~

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