The first real step toward being a REAL college student

Tomorrow, April 20th 2019 is the day, the real first step for me being a college student

Another level, or maybe class up for me. It would open a lot of more things that I could do

But, tomorrow

I will be honest, I am really nervous. Mostly because I don’t know who would I meet tomorrow, are they ‘good’ or not

Also, Am I ‘good’ or not for them

See, this the kinda of thing that I would call as overthinking

Sometimes it’s useful so I don’t get to a dangerous situation. But other times, it’s just giving me more stress

So let’s change the point kf view a little bit

No, I am not nervous about tomorrow. I am just overwhelmingly excited

That would do it

Also, other than that unnecessary nervousnes

I also kinda… scared I guess, that they would for one reason declined me, at the very last step

Couple things

First, is that I didn’t find my BPJS (Insurance) until today, so my data is not complete yet

Second, my achievement, I got some certificate. Two out of three certificates that I submitted for SNMPTN is not that worth it, also they’re digital certificates, so I nerd to print it out, I just scared that they would declined this

Other thing that I might should need to worry about? Probably the proximity, or the transportation

I can’t quite decide should I go on a car or motorcycle tomorrow

So yeah, hope tomorrow going well

Oh yeah, also, tomorrow I actually arranged, or rather my friend arranged a TO at STIKOM

Which I already paid for, but the timing just conflicting with this verification step, so I have to let those IDR50K go

So yeah, hope everything gonna be alright

Everything IS gonna be alright~

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