Should I switch to my brother’s old phone?

Yeah, quite simple question

A couple weeks ago, maybe even longer time ago, my brother’s phone broke

Then, also a couple weeks ago I drive my brother, along with my sister and my mom to Denpasar

Yeah, I did the driving

He want to sell his old broken phone for a new one, but after seeing the resell value (It was like 10% of the original price), he postponed it

Btw, the phone I am talking about here is a Xiaomi Mi5

Then a couple days later, my brother bought a new phone, a Pocophone, I think cash

And that left the xiaomi

My father fixed it at somewhere, then this evening Galih asked to borrow a usb type-c because he forgot his

And tomorrow he got a TO from Fakultas Kedokteran

I know there should be two USB-C in my house, one from the xiaomi and another one from the pocophone

So I asked my brother, my brother redirect me to my father

When I asked him about the USB-C, I notice the xiaomi is already working

The ‘broken’ btw, is just that the phone will shutdown, seemingly because of the battery

Which turned out to be true, my father said that yes, he only replaced the battery and it worked again

Glad we didn’t sell it for 90% loses

And that is where I come to play

I realized since last semester, that I need a higher performance phone, so I (we) can play PUBG Mobile together in class

And my current phone, Asus Zenfone 4 Max Pro, is just not capable enough, the frame rate is barely enough

Here come my choice, and dilemma, should I switch to this xiaomi phone?

On most aspect, I can confirm that my Asus is superior… except for the fact that my Asus have wide lens, better audio, and bigger screen, and of course bigger battery

The wide lens, I can bear with that, especially because the xiaomi camera quality is so much better. I can use it for YouTube

Audio, well, it’s okay, I mean J have a good pair of earphone

The screen doesn’t really matter

Oh yeah, the design, I prefer Asus design, but both are equally looks out of date

And the main thing is, the battery. I can’t confirm is this Asus have better screen on time or not

I already tried to test it, but idk. I think Snapdragon 820 have quite a nice battery mode

So yeah, I am in dilemma now

Should I switch?

I kinda have a connection with this phone already~

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