Sewol Ferry Accident and Selamat Sore, Biru

This is one kind of thing that I didn’t know that I want to watch

Or actually, I knew I want to watch this kind of post disaster documentary. I mean I spent like 6 months watching air disaster (Documentary about air plane disaster)

I actually want to write about my experience today, how my real first step toward being a college student played out

But when I got home, I felt asleep, wake up, tired, watching some youtube vids, and for some reason landed in this documentary video

From How different are Indonesian and Malay to what happen if you accidentally broke a priceless art in museum to finally What went wrong in the Korean ferry disaster

Quite a weird sequence of recommendation, or maybe was it in the home page recommendation? yeah probably it is

The vid was uploaded on April 16th, so 5 days ago by The New Yorker. I don’t remember why I clicked this vid in the first place, but glad I did

The vid is a documentary, not a full documentary tho, about a Ferry accident that happened on April 16th 2014

Oh, I see what you did there The New Yorker. Also, it happened 5 years ago

I wonder why I didn’t know about this accident until now? Probably the news is overshadowed by the MH370 plane crash

Yeah, it probably is

But still strange though because this accident is huge in South Korea, it involved the entirety of the country, including the government, especially the then president

I should have probably heard a bit about it, but I didn’t, that’s a shame

The first half of the video, I was hooked, also I was calm. I didn’t know what the accident would turned out to be

I mean, the documentary showed a vid of the students, inside a room in the tilting ferry, that looks like recorded by one of the student. They all looks calm, they even joked there

So, I was assuming that everything is alright, everybody survived. That might be the reason the news wasn’t that big

But, no no! The second half of the vid, that is the real story being told. Did I say story? I mean the disaster

The students send some messages to their loved ones, they followed their teachers instructions

But, the captain, the leader of the ferry, is the first(?) one leaving, the first one rescued


Well, I guess I can see reason for that, like in plane crash, the pilot information is crucial, like what the pilot think, their judgment, what they see are important, so making sure they live is crucial

But, he just leave, seemingly doesn’t really put thought into his passengers

Which btw, majority of the passengers are student, second year of high school. So horrifying

The lack of real rescue being done, like, most they did was just real time video feed

Yeah I know, visual feed is really important into giving a good order. But don’t they think, saving the trapped passengers is WAY more important. Also saving them should be the first and main order regardless of the lack of information (In the side of the president)

So, needless to say, I was horrified watching the second half of the vid, I was angry, sad, and disappointed in the same time

Now come to the real reason i write this post

Well, the second real reason I write this post

The documentary gave me an inspiration, an idea of a series of novel involving a class of friends that got into an accident

It’s actually not a new thing for me. Ever since my first tour in the elementary school. I often imagine, what would happen if my bus got into accident

Then, the Grisaia anime series giving me more source of inspiration, of what can happen

I also often imagine, while in the Monday flag ceremony in junior high school, like, saving the day when there’s a terrorism happening

Like you know, being a hero. I think this is normal for some man to think about this kinda stuff. I have read people also imagine this kinda thing in reddit

Also, just for the sake of putting it here. Terrorism in a hotel in a national Olympiad event. Being an undercover secret government agent, and some more

I thought while watching that documentary, why don’t I write a novel about those imagination?

Eaps, I got an inspiration. Three novel about a ferry accident that involve terrorism, dark side of government, false data, no real antagonist, investigation, reclamation, radar and technology in general, maybe romance, friendship, and OCD

So yeah, just another aidya of mine, but still. Rest in peace~

UPDATE~ 20 minutes after publishing

Yeah I cheated, the time is not enough, so I just publish the half baked post. One post per day is hard guys

Also, I embed the documentary video above. I can’t embed video in wordpress mobile, so I have to open my netbook to embed it, hence the 20 minutes delay

Also, I forgot to talk about the title of the novel, it’s just my current proposed title of the novel, it’s not set in stone yet

The title of the novel is Selamat sore, biru

Translate to Good evening, blue. Inspired by the company name BlueOrigin

The selamat/good word refer to what the students expect the journey would be, a good experience

The sore/evening word refer to the time when the accident happen, just before night. To make the story a bit more spicy

The combination of words selamat sore/good evening make the expectation of good thing will happen. Also evening is kinda the most romantic time of the day, if I add romance into the story. Also again, evening is identical with the color orange

Then the word biru/blue refer to the where it happen, on and in the ocean. And maybe is the name of the first novel’s protagonist, or just his nickname

The combination of orange expectation and blue result, refer to (maybe) plot twist, or what happen is not that simple (No one is truly evil in this story)

The title Selamat sore, biru may become the title of the first novel. The second novel maybe Selamat malam, merah (Good night, red) refer to the feeling that the protagonist of the second novel would feels

Also, maybe blood moon or super moon happen that night, maybe there’re blood, idk

Then the third novel may be, idk, Good morning, magenta. Like, good morning refer to the good feeling, like new page new day. And magenta is just combination of color red and blue, maybe also a name of someone… or something! Let’s call the ferry Magenta! good

After I watched that documentary video, I watched the next video suggestion, which is Rahasia yang tenggelam di laut

I take note of what I can use from that video as plot point or story element. Like I will use the investigation for the third novel, and most info on that video as story elements

I honestly don’t think I will finish this novel, like at all, but thinking how the novel may turned out to be, feels so good

Maybe I will use this story as an Angan Sore series. Okay, that is good, that is better, so not novels then, just outlines

What else to write here… hmmm, oh wait, it 12:51 already, I need to sleep


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