Renai Circulation, Hanazawa Kana, Yamato Nadeshiko

I will be honest, I didn’t expect will write this ūü§£

So on March 22nd I found that video in YouTube and then shared it to Galih & Azure YouTube chat just for fun

Let’s break down my weird confusing title, FIRST


I just googled it up :v it means love in the sense of romantic love. The kanji for Renai came from Ren and Ai which respectively mean Love and… Love? Wait what

Ren? Why an image of kidney just come to my mind. Is it because I got Biology final exam in two days?! Wuker

So yeah, tbh I don’t really care, or actually, know this word. I literally just googled the meaning for this blog

Fun fact:

I read one article and it said Renai mean ‘falling in love’ but I misread it as ‘failing in love’. It confused me af


Idk, it sounded a lot like English word, well, it is probably an English word

Probably should cross check that, but wuker

So, let’s connect it with the first word Renai… it means something like… you know what, let’s just leave it as love circulation

It reminded me of one thought of mine since Elementary School, karma circle, probably will write about that in the future

Hanazawa Kana

Or is it Kana Hanazawa? Well, I can’t seems to figure that out. It seems like Japanese and westerner define first name and last name, or is it family name and given name? Differently… see it is confusing

I can’t figure out which is her given name, and which is her family name. Probably Kana is her given name

And about Kana, it reminded me of the word ‘kata’ which is Indonesian word for ‘word’…? Like katakana, Japanese writing script for foreign language. I probably shouldn’t talk about something that I am not sure about myself

But hey, this is my blog, a personal blog AND not a scientific blog anyway (I once consider to put a warning in my post tagged Interesting that this blog is in no way scientific)

I got sidetracked

About Kana, she is so cute, her action is cute, The character she voiced is cute (Looking at Nadeko), her song is cute…

Btw, let’s break this post’s structure

There’s this one line in the lyrics that interested me,

kami-sama  arigatou
unmei no itazura demo 
meguriaeta koto ga 
shiawase na no

Okay, that was 4 lines… which translated to (Source from

Dear God, thank you
We both had met

That ‘destiny pulling a prank on me’ hit me hard for some reason…

There’s this time, one of my friend got sad because her father died (How should I write it), not Galih btw, this happend late 2016 I think, I wanted to cheer her up, what’s the best way to cheer her up? I thought to myself, humor I thought, then I said, ‘This probably just a prank’

Note that, by ‘this’ I refered to the sad moment where her father just died. And I said it when I, my classmates, and some relative of her gather in her house. I wasn’t saying this to her though, I wanted to, I want to try it out first

I joked to one of my friend which immediately said ‘NO!’ to me. Which retrospectively speaking is a good NO, joking about that, especially in that situation is really insensitive of me

But I won’t be too hard on myself. I tried to cheer her up. I had good intention. At least I didn’t ended up saying it to her…

I think that ‘Friend’ that said NO to me is Galih… then his father died (Again, I can’t really phrase it), to cheer him up, I brought this up again… I joke that it was probably a prank

It’s kinda funny (No it’s not). He know the context behind that joke, but… hmm… let’s get back to the main point

This is not suppose to be a heavy blog post

Why I talked about something sad in Kana Hanazawa section?! How dare me!!!

Btw, I commented on that video, which is kinda funny comment btw. “UNESCO need to protecc her’ :’v

Sorry to brought up something insensitive here

Yamato Nadeshiko

This is the word… or combination or word… or more like, wait, what is ‘frasa’ in English?Phrase… obviously! (Just Googled it)

This is the phrase that actually I want to write about, not the song, just this two words. There’s this line from that song, it kinda interested me since I listen to that song quite a lot and this two words came up quite often, and there’s some stress put into these words

I didn’t know it from the lyrics, I just listen to the song and somehow know how to spell it myself

I googled it, and there’s an entire wikipedia article about it! Okay… that’s weird

See, the reason I got interested in those words is because those words sounded similar to ‘Sengoku Nadeko’, that kawai character Kana voiced I mentioned before

Even the song stressed it, blabla Yamato Nadeshiko blabla Nadeko… yeah, I can’t quite spell all the lyrics

According to Wikipedia, Yamato Nadeshiko means ‘personification of an idealized Japanese woman’

I was like, okay, I know Japan have a lot of weird stuff, but why though?

Why they have such a term for this kinda of thing? Not that I complain or anything, having this kinda of weird terminology definitely help in writing story (Which Japan is known for, anime), but why?

It’s like that big eyes thing in anime. It’s an idealized eyes thing because Japanese people usually have… lemme google it… slanted eyes

Yeah, this entire post come to existence because my feel of weirdness toward the very existence of this terminology

Having terminology for it mean… that people actually using it, therefore, people actually personificating an idealized woman… what?!

It’s weird

So yeah… weirdly weird… but then again, weird is just a synonym for unique~

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