New Series! Things I would done differently: Time Machine

I actually wanna talk about yesterday’s April Fool post, but well, I just got a quite nice inspiration of series

I won’t make the first post of this series now, this post is just the idea behind it. I probably will make the content of the series later, or maybe someday in the future

Yeah I know, making idea without making it happen is kinda, bad, I mean what’s the point behind idea if no one make it real

But who cares, I got 12 minutes to write this post, so let’s make it quick

The source of inspiration behind this series is this one video by MajorPrep

You should watch it btw, especially, if you like me, will be a college student shortly

Well tbh, I didn’t really watch it through, but that’s not the point, probably

The title and concept behind that video is the one that gave me inspiration (Instead of the content itself), Five things I would have done differently at university

Well, this is not actually the first time I watch this type of content, in fact I have watch plenty this type of content

But for some reason, it just clicked to me now, or a couple hours ago to be more precise

I have this series called Dear Myself that I probably started around 2016

Which btw, I actually have to write one about March

The concept behind Dear Myself is basically sending a message for me in the future. This series in the other hand, is kinda the opposite.

Now I know what the outcome of my action, retrospectively speaking, what I would do differently with this knowledge

Yeah, quite simple

I have plenty of regret in the past, that I may want to change, but probably not really, but just for fun. What if I do things differently in the past?

Like, one biggest one is, what if I wasn’t self conscious about my acnes. Maybe if I acted differently, I would have bigger self esteem and more friends, maybe, just maybe

Not that I complain about my current situation, it’s just a, let’s call it though experiment

Which is kinda a cool name, experiment

Speaking of name, it took me awhile to figure out the name, I write the title of this post first, as always, pause a bit and thought

That’s kinda a long series title, more pause, and suddenly something fly above and then inside my head

Time machine! where did I got that inspiration from? Well, I just a watched a video about the history behind MacOs

And I remember this backup feature in MacOS called Time Machine (If I am not mistaken)

Also, time machine is kinda the perfect name for this series, I mean time machine is used to change the course of history, right?

Good name, me (Giving myself another pat on the back)~

UPDATE: April 3rd 2018 11:27AM

It’s kinda funny just a day after I write this post, PewDiePie make a video that contain one big aspect of this post. About what if I do that instead of that back then?

Yeah, it’s probably the unluckiest principle take place again

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