My new Minecraft Obsession

So about 10 days ago I made this category I call as Short Obsession, and I got another quite a weird short obsession yesterday

And, yeah, I didn’t post yesterday. That’s because I was so tired that I felt asleep. I remember saying to myself Today is quite a day, let’s write a short post about The Avenger End Game since yeah, I watched it yesterday

But let’s just talk about the topic right away, since I am kinda sick, busy, tired and tomorrow I got things to do

So two days ago, I have this Aidya about a retofit HUD display for helmet, and that’s because I was onto Arduino again

Then I was like, is there a game that’s complex enough that I can have fun building and programming stuff in it, and yeah, there IS or rather THERE ARE

The first one is, as you may already guess is Minecraft. The second one is City Skylines

I have played both in the past, I played City Skylines like in August last year while it’s been quite a while since the last time I played Minecraft, so yeah, I dived head first into this world, again

First, I watched a vid by PewDiePie

Then Square root of matrix for some reason, and then 14 reasons why Philippines is different from the rest of the world which is, wtf

Then I got to this vid


Then I just a whole bunch of his video, like, a lot, especially the one about this new update

I didn’t know Minecraft have a kind of update system, where the older version is archived and you can play those easily

Usually in the past I will be like, open and just click play, that’s it

And lemme tell you, the Minecraft now is really different than the one I remember

And the one that truly sparked my obsession, is this vid

That vid made me notice something that is obvious. Oh yeah, Red Stone is a thing

Also, there’s an entire field in Minecraft about building automatic farm! That got me hooked!

Then I watched this vid by Grian from, probably my home feed

And, in the comment of that vid, someone mentioned Hermitcraft, I was curious and immediately search it, I watched this vid

And I immediately hooked

I had this idea in the past, about just a simple survival server in Minecraft

To my credit I did make that really expensive weird server, initially I want to make a vid for my rusty Anugrah Gaming channel

It was probably late 2016 or early 2017, I make a server, forget where I made it, played with friend (Probably Arya and Dika)

Then because it was too expensive I stop the server

This Hermitcraft, to my current understanding is exactly just that, a simple survival server, with somekind of purpose and theme

Seriously, I am hooked

Not to play the game again, but to watch others’ vid about it

I also resurface my old idea to make a movie out of Minecraft, just like this Grian Hermitcraft series, but with script

So yeah, another short obsession~

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