My first time booking a hotel by myself

So, the thing I said yesterday in this post is, about today’s experience

Or, more accurately, experience leading to and including today’s experience

I’ve been in hotel several times in the past. The first one that I can remember is when I was 5th grade

So, around 7 years ago

It was when the first time I participated in a Science Olympiad, I got to the regional level (After school, town and city level)

It was quite an experience to be honest

There were 7 of us from the same city, including me, pande and alit

I got times to prepare for those 5 days (or was it 3?) and it was all around a good experience

Then the second time I am at a hotel, was at 8th grade, around 4 years ago

I made an ig post and the caption definitely reflect my experience there. I wanna go home

It left a sour taste in my mouth

I didn’t have time for preparation, maybe just around 12 hours or something

There’s this odalan gede at my house at the time (To give you perspective, the odalan took more than 6 months)

I was all around stressed

And all those stress accumulated and became a nosebleed at the 4th day

It was a bad, but still valuable experience

Then, the third time I stayed at a hotel, was last year, around April 2017 when I record this vid

It was NSDC, again regional event. National something Debate Competition

So, all three was because of some kind of competition, regional, or for my American friend, equivalent to a state level competition, one level below national

I think there is more, but let’s get to the point

The point is, this is my first time booking a hotel by myself, without any constraint of competition, free

And btw, “by myself” I mean, booking it myself, not staying alone

Well, I initially intended to stay alone, but after some thinking I thought, It is too risky, and not fun enough

By risky, I mean there’s this line in the app I use to book saying

“Hotel might request for deposit just in the case to pay for…”, I gave up, it’s so hard to translate it

The point is, I didn’t have money, but the hotel might request for additional money (outside the money I pay for the booking)

Yeah, too dangerous…

So, my fix? As always, friend

I asked my friend if they can stay with me at hotel, Galih declined since he will stay at his sister house (Parasite)

Then I asked Arya, after some back and forth comment, we agreed

This ‘asking friend to book a hotel together’ happened two days ago, at the night, exactly while I was praying at my house’s temple (Odalan)

Yeah, I chat with my friend while praying, just before praying to be more precise

One of the reason, well, I have no topic to talk about with my far relative family, so I got myself busy doing that 😀

But seriously, today is fun

I went to FEB, with initial intention of participating in UTBK, but I was late by 25 minutes

Because I was ‘gak niat’ ‘mager’ etc

Then I go around Jimbaran looking for kos, sharehouse, whatever

Then I check in at my hotel at around 2.30PM

This is where the usual me would be scared, I usually don’t wanna do mistake, I tried to avoid anything that may result in me embarrassing myself

But today I proud of myself, I can put those thoughts aside, and just do what I wanna do

And guess what, the check in was easy, no additional money requested , all around easy

Really proud of myself~

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