I dream reading someone’s blog that involved me

This is really strange

The first strange thing is, the fact that I just slept for two hours, like, in the middle of the afternoon. Well, it’s from 2PM through 4PM actually, but still, I feel lightheaded now

But, let’s force myself to write about this strange dream

Just as a heads up, I only remember a small portion of the dream, so it’s probably won’t make sense, the plot is kinda jumping around

I don’t remember where the dream started, but it’s just me browsing the internet with my phone, on my bed, just ordinary thing

Until somehow I found out this one blog in Google. The first thing from the blog I see is one article that I don’t really remember, then I don’t know why but I clicked the header of the blog, redirecting me to the homepage of the blog

Then, that’s when I saw some recent post of the writer. The latest post, I clearly remember dated back to 2005

I remember thinking to myself, did Blogger exist back then?
Which I just Googled, it is, Blogger launched in 1999 and bought by Google in 2003.

I scroll around and saw a picture, I can’t recall the picture, but I felt some sort of familiarity with the subject of the picture, maybe even showing my family there

Then I saw another picture, this is a picture of the building process of my Menten (The northern building in Balinese traditional house), how I know that’s the building process of MY Menten specifically? Idk, especially because that Menten built way before I born

Then I see another picture, I think the picture looks something like: A small pile of black sand on the bottom, then me playing on top of it, then my grandfather, and some others that I can’t recall, I think surrounded by a forest

That’s when I realize, I have relation to the writer of this blog I stumbled upon randomly
I was like, this is interesting

I look for other picture, this one is me, my father, and my sister infront of my garage, still with a pile of sand

Now I think, this is weird. If the most recent post is 2005, it means that picture of my sister must be from 2005 or earlier. The thing is I clearly remember her looks like the current version (Teen). Considering my sister would be only 1 years old in 2005, it’s just probably the weirdness of dream come to play

Also, I recall thinking this in my dream, why all the pictures looks good? Is it iPhone? No, iPhone was launched in 2007, so no

And, me now realize, it’s probably just a pocket camera, why didn’t me in the dream realize that -_-, well, I will be honest, it took me awhile to realize that

One frustrating thing that I remember thinking in the dream as well is, all the picture I’ve seen is a pictures that pointing at other subject and not a selfie. Probably even a panorama picture

The frustrating part is that I can’t see who took those pictures! Seriously, include yourself sometimes in the pictures!

I think this is when I started asking my parent and my grandparent about it, my grandfather in particular

Also, I recall my grandfather thanking me to drive him to Bunutin (Probably the one where he pays for Pekaseh, and odalan at Bukit). Well, in reality that event happened yesterday


Yeah, I included myself in the vids. That is clearly yesterday btw. Is it weird thanking me for something that happened yesterday? Hmm, probably not

This is where my dream jumped, because it’s not relevant I will only mention it briefly

My family in our car, my brother trying to drive the car and parked it in our garage. I got worry and get outside to check… then I wake up

Let’s talk about the thing I learned from this dream

It’s really nice and heart warming reading a blog post that involved us, it’s nice to get involved in others’ stories, it’s nice to see others’ perspective about the past event, it’s nice to extend the memory of ours with memory of others’ so we can see the more complete picture

It’s heart shattering to see someone’s that know us, but we can’t recall about them
Did I mention I never found out who the owner of the blog is? Well, it’s probably just my brain creating those picture

hmmm, 4 hours later, I forgot I was in the middle of writing this 🤣

Also, did I mention that in my dream, I automatically assume the owner of that blog is already, hmm, died?

Yeah, that is one reason I was panicked in the dream

… wait, Blogger is written in Python?! wtf?!

Holy shit, didn’t expect that

Oh sorry, got side tracked for a bit, what was I talking about again

Oh yeah, so I’ve been doing this blog thing for like 4 months, or 3 months+. There’s a lot of things I’ve written here, from my own personal experience, my thought, my perspective on things that happen around me

Wait, things that happened around me? Eaps, I was imagining, as of now, there’s not a lot of people know let alone read this blog, I think there’s only one of my friend who open this blog rarely

Considering that I wrote a lot of things that happened to me and all around me, maybe in the future, they will read my blog and fill in or more like expand their information about the past

Maybe, just like me in the dream, my friend would be grateful to re-see their past in different point of view~

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