I am NOT bored

Yeah, a contrast 180 from yesterday’s post

I feel tired right now, so I will make this post just as a quick recap. Also I just realized it earlier this night, when my post started becoming higher quality? Like, I intent it to be an easy and short thing to do, but it seems like I tried to one up the quality

Which in turn cause me to post less, especially the thing that I actually want to talk about

Like, remember my April fools post? https://blog.harianugrah.com/2019/04/i-cant-write-about-the-thing-that-i-want-to-talk-about-the-most/ it’s not an entirely April fools

Also, I think I said I wanna write an explanation about that April Fools, which I haven’t

I also already wanted to write a draft Welcome my cat, Cross; that whole Galih sub arc, and of course I haven’t finished my SNMPTN sub arc

Yeah, trying making things better quality, made me postpone things that I actually wanna talk about

Like today, I actually wanna to postpone writing it today to tomorrow, but since I already notice this trend, I just force myself to write the brief overview

And it seems like I doing it again, I just write a whole lot paragraphs to make this a higher quality post while my initial intent was just to make a brief overview of today… huft

Morning Run

As I said on I am Bored, I committed myself to do physical activity this morning. And, of course, I DID. I knew, if I put my mind AND heart into it, I can do it

It’s been quite awhile since the last time I do routine morning run, maybe 4 months probably? So it’s kinda hard to get my feet wet again

Also, my bicep and tricep, I noticed my whole muscle was shrinking. I would need to do more exercise

But I learned my lesson from Muscle Soreness. So instead of doing all of my previous work out routine all at once, I will do it on stages

Currently I will just train my feet, then maybe starting tomorrow a bit of bicep, then push ups and maybe more

I did 5 full outer circle of my local Kapten Mudite Field. Usually back then I would do just 2 because I have time constrait (I run at 5:30AM, then school at 7 AM), but since I kinda graduated already, I have no class today and therefore I can spent more time running

Also, I kinda want to push myself. I want to set my baseline, if my baseline is high then my next run should be at least at my baseline right? Yeah, motivation

And if you notice, my pace is slow. I only did actually run at the first lap, the second through the fifth, I just walk… as I said, stages

Also, game theory, I want that sense of LEVEL UP and ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED thingy

I woke up at around 5 AM, suprisingly before my alarm, that’s because I woken up by my cat sounds. I think my cat was going to vomit or something which somehow immediately woken me up

Then I feed my cat, gave some water etc. Basically I took care of it, not that it needed to tho

I forced myself to run, even tho I feel lazy, but I was like you already committed to this remember?

Also I just shut my mind down, because usually it’s my mind that stop me from doing things

Also, my stomach hasn’t been good lately, since the renovation of my toilet. And I just remember, I haven’t write my The toilet I took for granted as well -,-

Then, I can’t find my earphone, which then I ask my sister. She borrow my earphone without asking, and haven’t return it. Well, at last I got it, which I use to listen to Spotify Anisong, which probably is not a suitable song genre for running

Also, I can’t find my running shoes. I haven’t got PE class since like last months so it made sense that I can’t find it. At last I found it in my father’s closet room which I found as weird, how can my shoes be there

Then I do the running, and some random thought I have there as well

Also, I found the poster for Millennial Techno Fiesta there, which is an event that I want to participated in

Well, a friend of mine (Pentol) actually who told me about the event first, so yeah

Because my senior high is like right next to the field, next to the place where I ran at, I actually kinda feel a bit lonely, have to leave that place behind shortly, sad

I want to make a fun instagram story as well, like oh you guys already went to school? I guess I have to spend my time running

Like, the concept is, looking at my junior enter the front gate while I filming them. While I am kinda bored, because I got nothin todo therefore I just run for another lap or so… weird concept I know

Well, I didn’t actually make that ig story. I forgot why, I think because it’s just too early, there’s not that many student enter the school yet

The Mourning Event

Yeah, I spent too much time on above section. I guess I will write more detail about this section in tomorrow’s post

Considering that I just spent writing that couple first paragraph explaining that I would just write the brief overview to make sure that I ACTUALLY WRITE INSTEAD OF POSTPONING, is kinda ironic

You know what? Let’s just do that

I went to Busel’s house to pick him up, went to TK where we agreed to gather, but they already left to Micel’s house, we went there. (Yeah, it’s my fault being late)

Then we gather at Micel’s house for a bit, then after half an hour drive we picked up Trides, then after sometime we picked up Dekna, then after some time again we picked up Jawir at Penelokan

Then we ride a long hour, we got to Belantih, we picked up Siti. After the girls do make up, we ate snack a bit, rain, we put our helmet there

Another 10 minutes drive to Galih’s house, where he already wait for us there

This is the first time I went to Galih and Siti’s house btw. I did TRIED went there ALONE last year, but ended up not finding them

We spent a lot of times at Galih. I argue we weren’t really mourning, it’s more of gathering, friend gathering I guess

Some time already passed since the actual dark day, so he already moved on, which I found as strong btw

Then around 2 PM we excuse ourselves to go back home, since it’s a long ride and the road is quite extreme (Mountain)

In the middle of the road, we rest a bit to take some pictures at … Tukad Wangi?

Then another long ride through Kintamani, cold, and it’s starting to get foggy

Right before Ulundanu Temple it’s started actual raining. Because Dek Na didn’t brought a rain coat, I told Busel to pillion(new word) with Arya, while Dekna with me because I use a batman rain coat

Then another long-really cold-rainy-windy-hand sorening-short sight because fog ride, I ride Dekna to his house

Busel back with me

We went to Trides, well, I went passed her house actually. But I went back just to get there(*1)

Spent a minute there, another not too long ride to Bangli

Then, Arya who passed me at (*1) thingy, her motorcycle clutch string snapped for some reason (The thought of what this mean terrified me)

We wait for Arya motorcycle to get fixed (Not too long)

Arya bought some cake previously (Forgot the name), we ate that at Micel’s house, then we all went to our house

And that… is a really long overview, this is going to hard to explain in more detail tomorrow

But, see you tomorrow. Have a nice sleep~ me~

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