I am bored

Yeah, I am bored, I am really bored

I already knew this, I already notice this since quite a long time ago. But school is a better alarm than alarm itself

Idk, it’s just quite funny, how I think that my body is smart enough (With my brain still sleeping) to figure out that there’s nothing important to do in the morning

Thus, my body just like, turned the alarm by itself, without my brain aware of the situation

Idk, it seriously happened. I would woke up in late the morning (Usually Sunday) then check why my alarm didn’t ring, it did, but why I am not aware of it?

It probably just muscle memory, my body just goes to auto pilot because it already get used to what motion to do to turn off that annoying noise

As I said before, I already notice that since a long time ago

Therefore as a counter measure, I installed Alarmy, an alarm app that need some additional step to turn off, I usually use either Math problem or Shaking the phone

Something like this, 3 simple math problem

And yeah, those simple addition problem is hard, especially if you literally just wake up, and no scratch paper to do the addition on

It’s kinda funny, most people hate Math, and here I face math problem the single first thing in the morning 😂

Not complaining tho, since this April Mop, April 1st I somehow got interested in Math, since I write The most mind blowing way to find phi, for me at least which I should probably finish soon before mentioning it in my post :’v

If you’re asking, if my body just does that if there’s nothing important in the morning, what’s the problem? Lemme tell you, a lot

For example, my Deltalife Project affected badly since I usually try study in the morning and my body just marked studying as NOT IMPORTANT and therefore won’t wake up

Then, the problem I faced this morning, also yesterday and the day before. I told myself to wake up early (5 AM) and do running, since it’s been quite awhile since the last time I do physical activity

And eaps, I wake up late, like, really late, I think I woke up at 10 AM. Considering I intended to wake up at 5, it was really a big margin 🤣

And here comes the BORING part of the title

That lateness of wake up also fueled by my boredom, I think it’s kinda a trend. It’s holiday, I got no school stuff todo, I got nothing to occupy my afternoon time slot, I got sleepy, I felt asleep, not a nap persay, I FELT ASLEEP

Usually I would love to get more sleep, but the sleep in the afternoon really break my circadian rhythm

Sleep in the afternoon means that I would sleep late in the night, like yesterday, I think I slept at 2 AM or something

This I didn’t sleep last night happen on January 3rd which mean that day also a holiday (New year eve)

Insomnia happened June 2016, which is summer holiday, hmm

The whole No Insomnia Project played out around June-July 2017

Have I written a post about that project yet? Gimme a sec… nope, I haven’t

I think I will resurrect that No Insomnia Project with this post as the catalyst. Let’s call it as Project Insomnia, hmm, bad name

How about Project Restless? Still bad name, I mean it literally say the opposite of the goal

How about Project Restful? NICE! The programmer side of me showed as well, Restful is the type of API usually used for frontend – backend communication, irrelevant I know


Okay, back to the title,

My friend got busy for UTBK, Galih got back to his house at Catur (Far away), hmmm, I wanna play but I don’t wanna disturb their study,,,, hmmm

I feel lonely, it’s bad, this feeling cause me to have no motivation. Even though I have this much time on my hand, I don’t feel like doing anything

My Project_Riwallet suffer because of it, I haven’t commit any changes for like, two days, wait… damn it, 4 days? It actually 4 days I haven’t been working on it?!

Huft, I feel bored

Unmotivated, I need friend, kinda funny I wrote Do I really need friend… now?, yeah Kak Laras, it’s silly that I write that now…


Now I think about it, I haven’t committed myself into it, I haven’t commit myself into doing physical activity

Considering that I’ve been doing this blog for 4 months since I committed into it, I think committing myself into doing other thing might help

Huft, I need motivation~

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