Color Perception, there’s no purple color

I just found this vid a couple minutes ago, or maybe an hours ago, idk

I was blown away by this video

When I read the title I was like, probably just a clickbait

I mean there’s this spectrum of light called ultraviolet right? Obviously there IS purple… wait

Eaps, I just remembered. Mejikuhibiniu, or red (jingga) yellow green blue (nila) purple

I just noticed, yeah, just now, that, the purple is outside the boundary of red and blue

I remember in physics class, I usually use red and blue is the key, like, outer most part of the visible light spectrum

But, purple is outside of this boundary! along with nila, whatever it’s in English

Wew, that was weird

Hmmm, writing this post make me uncover more things, like in Amagi Brilliant Park anime, there’s this thing, I forgot the name

Basically, using the knowledge that you already have or can gather easily, to get more knowledge

But seriously,

That 5 minutes video give me more in sight of how our perception of color works than my entire 12 years of school

I don’t think they even ever mention about perception in biology

Even though perception is basically the way we see the world, these bias lenses that we all wear

Also that 5 minutes video taught me a new concept, I can’t quite pin point in, but I kinda get something exciting out of that video

Like, using multiple sensor data to reduce the bias

From one cone sensor, we can’t really differentiate colors because the way these cells sense the amplitude, or magnitude, or maybe intensity

But adding another cone sell reduce these bias, and adding more with slight offset can reduce those bias significantly

My way of thinking was something like, one type of sensor can only sense that one type of stimulant, if there’s bias in that sensor no matter how much you added other sensor with the same type, the boas will still there

yeah, it’s kinda hard to explain. I think my way of saying it is wrong as well

But seriously, this is so interesting and mind blowing

Everybody should watch it~

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