Boredom brought other boredom

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging on my phone for the last 4 days, I literally against it when I wrote Writing on Mobile, but it seems grew on me, and for some reason I enjoyed it

But yeah, I write this one on my computer. I hadn’t time to open my computer for the last week. Or more like, I didn’t have reason to open my computer for the last week

See, I’ve been so unmotivated the last week, or couple of days, maybe 8 days? idk. The point is, I was so bored, to the point that boredom brought other boredom

Here, lemme explain a bit more

You knew that I already finished UN right? I wrote it at My (probably) last senior high exam, in fact I already predicted that I would get bored in that post

Then 4 days later, 8 days ago… wait 8 days ago? it’s exactly when I stopped programming, or paused… I wrote I am bored

My repos, the last progression that I made was last week, yeah… it’s bad

Because I already finished my UN, my last exam, me and my classmates started our long holiday since 9th

We enjoyed that first day of the long holiday. Then, as always, when we got holiday, we want school. Considering that we demand holiday when school, it’s really funny

On 10th, Idk, considering that I wrote I dream reading someone’s blog that involved me, I probably was getting bored, notice that I felt asleep in the afternoon that day

There’s no school in the morning, I tried to fill that now blank space or time with some other activity

On 12th I forced myself to fill that blank with doing physical activity, jogging. I wrote about that at I am NOT bored

Yeah, it’s just going downhill ever since

I am bored. There’s no homework to work on, my friends either busy with UTBK or went back to their home place, I got demotivated because of it

Then, my programming got affected


I usually do programming late in the night, but because I got demotivated since morning, I don’t have any energy in the night


Yeah, the the boredom that is because no school, brought the boredom that is no technical issues to solve, which further demotivated me


I mean, there’s this one feature I was eager to implement on Project_Riwallet, a counter of the balance left on a wallet

There’s this one technical difficulty or issue I encountered, it is simply called race condition. I know how to solve that issue, but I was just, not feeling like coding

I will write about that programming block maybe later, if I write it that is


Did you noticed that I refer to a lot of my recent post in this post?

Idk, it is so nice that I can see the thread of event and the emotional roller coaster that I faced right now, as a effect of event that happened in the past

Basically, I can predict something in the future using the content in today’s post

It’s kinda amazing, since I didn’t intent that in the first place… but still, I kinda know that would happen, but … idk, I am speechless

So yeah, I already took my first step that is opening my computer today. Hopefully I got motivated tomorrow

I realized something, Galih got back to Bangli yesterday, maybe a friend is something crucial in the motivation factor

Funny because I wrote an article doubting that in the past Do I really need friend now


If you’re wondering, if there’s no school stuff, how about college stuff? Well, simply put, I’m not a college student, YET

On 21st, two days from now, tomorrow after tomorrow (Why English doesn’t have word for this), is the day for my data verification at my college, hope nothing burn into fire, no earthquake nor tsunami etc

Let’s end this post on a good note, A MAJOR~

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