Being the “wealthiest”

If you have food in your fridge, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep you are richer than 75% of the world.

That’s been part of my moral compass since a couple years ago

I thought I heard it from someone over the YouTube, but I am not quite sure. It’s been really long time ago

And, to write this post today, I tried to Google the keyword that I remember (Only the first paragraph) and I just found out that there’s more into that saying which you can read more at tumblr

As of now, with my parent and grand parent, I probably part of the 8% wealthiest in the world

Which also come into my comfortableness. Earlier this morning my mother again pushed me to participated in STAN entrance test

Which I refused, with a lot of hesitation. I already refusing this request of “guaranteed good life” from my parent since November last year, please note that quote on quote thingy

I won’t explain it here, but briefly, my parent want me to taking part in the ikatan dinas program, which if I got into it, I will “guaranteed” to have a good money in the future


As I said earlier, I am part of the 8% wealthiest right now, I am not rich or anything, but I have plenty to support my good life

I am scared that my choice of this route may cause me to suffer in the future. With some relative that we know who goes into the “kinda” same route as I did, now went into a different route

Let’s say, from information system into kindergarten teacher, also someone whom closer to me….

Basically, I am not in the good state now

Doubting myself, my future, my dream, my parent, my everything

Earlier this evening I watched a video from It’s Okay To Be Smart

Which refer me to an old Vsauce video

I didn’t quite understand the concept behind that Zipf thingy the first time I watched that vid, but this evening at least I can grasp the significant of it

Which is quite cool btw, it reconnect with my moral compass that I built a long time ago

Then just before I started writing this post. The catalyst that made me write about this concept, this vid

It’s quite funny series of event really

It does really help me, especially because a couple days ago, because of this moral compass, I got UKT5, basically the highest paying category for college student

Yeah, I put all the data with honesty, when I got the news that I am at UKT5 category (Paying around $600 per semester), I kinda regret being honest

Furthermore, because I know someone who’re probably richer than me, got to pay way less, WAAAAYYYY LESSSSS than me

But I glad I followed my moral compass, knowing that I don’t betray those who are in need more than me, those 92%

But still, it’s kinda rough for me~

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