Back to Basic principle

There’s this saying that kept stuck in my head ever since the first time I heard it, Back to Basic

I don’t remember when or where I heard it first, but it has something to do with the Windows 10 icon

And now, I just watched an essay video about Netflix demise and I remember about this saying again

The video mention something along the line of “streaming services now became just like cable tv again”

And I was like, yeah it’s back to basic again

The Verge

I mean, look at that! ever since Windows Vista the logo icon seems like evolving back to its basic oldest form

And btw, that post is from 2012… so I probably heard about this saying the first time around 2012 as well. Probably when I was too excited with Windows 8, and installed that on my netbook

Also, I don’t quite sure, I think Windows been stuck with that Win8 logo

But back to my point, let’s give some more example

It was cable tv then streaming service then it seems like it’s going back to cable tv like streaming service

Also, that Epic Game Store phenomenon. From exclusivity (platform specific, ps only, Nintendo only) to cross platform (Xbox play anywhere) to platform lock (That Fortnite PlayStation locking) idk

Windows Form to UWP to Windows Form again

Web Pages to Apps to PWA (Basically Web App)

For me personally, from netbook to laptop to computer to netbook again and will be laptop again in the near future (For college)

What else? hmm

Oh yeah, it also reminded me of that theory I called as Species singularities, which for some reason I can’t find which post I mentioned that in

Hmmm…. think again me!

Oh yeah, we grow up. From being a baby to teenager to adult to old

From being an incapable little baby that can’t walk to a powerful adult and back incapable

Which is sad tbh

This might be a good principle, maybe I can use this in the future

I think I just thought of a really good saying

To predict the future, we need to know the past~

Which reminded me of another saying that stuck in my head

Those who forget history, are doomed to repeat it

Seems like I came up with a good observation~

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