Ace Attorney

Well, I guess I have a new obsession. Probably just a short term one, also hopefully just a short one

The last short obsession was that of Sekiro before that is my Project Riwallet, I forgot things before that

Also, some of my old short term obsession include Cities Skyline (Around August 2018), Plane crash documentary (Late 2016 to early 2017), novel (July 2018), music instruments (July 2018)


I got a lot of those, but I didn’t really talk about them that much, especially here in this blog

Part of the reason is that I only started comitting to this blog thingy since January this year

Another part is, that I just don’t feel spending an hour writing about it

I do want to talk about it, and since this is a special thing to talk about, I want to spend more time writing about it. But as I can’t write about the thing that I want to talk about the most suggest, yeah, I just kinda always postponed it until I forgot about it

And yeah, I just remember that I haven’t write my Dear Myself for March… huft, and it’s like 20 days late already

But let’s get to the main topic, after several long paragraph of sidetracked

Three days ago, Kubz Scout, my current favorite YouTube let’s player played a game called Ace Attorney

I know this game since a long time ago, I think the first time I heard about this franchise was when the anime first airing, so around late 2016 or so

I didn’t know it was an anime adapted from visual novel at the time. I forgot when but something related to Capcom reveal to me that this franchise is a game

Even now I still remember that I feel weird when watching that anime, so it was because it is a visual novel

Makes sense, I mean visual novel have a lot of plot that split from each other, condensing them or choosing just one route is just hard

So yeah, Kubz played that game which brought up that game to my attention

Then yesterday he played it again and I was like, really interested for the next part of the game

Since I am not that patience of a man, I was like, let’s just play it myself

I mean it must be fun, I notice a lot of thing that Kubz don’t when watching him. Which btw, make sense, like in chess, seeing from audience pov giving me easier time to create move inside my head, while playing the chess by myself is just hard

Also, I watch Detective Conan, still on going, 900++ episodes of them, I also like mystery story. I like writing mystery, so it must be fun right?

Well yeah, it’s really fun. I do stuck a couple of times, but it’s more because of the game design limitation than that of my weakness

In English national exam, there’s this section called as reading comprehension which I am bad at, which I may be able to improve by playing this game

Anything else to talk about?

Well, I write this on my android, I just feel less stressed writing on mobile so I don’t feel like obligated to write higher quality post. I mean you may realized how bad my English this whole post been

hmmm, what else?

Oh yeah, I want to play this game on my phone, I don’t feel like using my computer just for this light visual novel game

So yeah, I found out the variant of the game that I wanna play (The original trilogy) is not available on android, I look for some other way around

Found out there’s a Nintendo DS version, download the rom, install an emulator in my phone, played it

I feel kinda bad playing an illegal copy of it, but I got no choice, I want to buy the original version on play store, but it’s just not available

Also, I played it yesterday since 10 PM to like, 3 AM in the morning. It’s bad since there’s an election this morning

I probably should talk about that than this, but hmmm… this is more important 🤣

Don’t worry, I did use my voice, I just woke up late

So yeah, another one of my short obsession~

Still on going obsession btw

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