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Earlier this evening, I was cleaning my email inbox when I saw an email notification of response comment in a blog of a friend of mine

Basically, I commented in one of her blog post and I subscribed to that post’s comment thread, which something that also happened to GitHub post

So yeah, they spammed my email inbox

The thing is, I was curious why did I get this email, there should be activity there right. So I opened the post’s link which conveniently attached to that email, and surely there is some activity with that post

I will leave a backlink to her blog post, for some reason

There were some people that commented on her post, which is kinda amazing to be honest

Meanwhile in my blog, there are some comment, but it is mostly spam-bot.

If you ever go watch vids on YouTube and that video told you to comment, and reason that those comment mean a lot to that YouTuber, yeah! that comment really does mean a lot to them!

Or at least that’s what I think

I got these comments 3 years ago. I have problem remembering things, but I remember these comments, so you know these comments are a big deal for me

There are some more older comment, but they’re more about other actor in the video than me or the video itself, so… they’re important, but they don’t mean as much as these ones

This post suppose to be about me considering switching language back to Bahasa Indonesia, but I think about comment is really more important for now

A comment from Kak Laras that I still refer to a lot of times even right now

And also about that, just look at my blog’s comments

Yeah, it looks like there are 106 comments, but most of them are just ping-back comment, like when I refer to my older post, that older post will have a comment stating that a newer post refer to that post

There’s not that many REAL COMMENT from REAL PERSON in this blog, I only remember a few, that Kak Laras is one

Basically yeah,
Please do comment, even if I don’t reply those, they does mean so much for me~

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