A day off

If you read this blog by daily basis, which you probably don’t

You will notice that yesterday I didn’t publish any post, I did write a draft, but didn’t publish any

Also, if you check my repos, I didn’t commit any code changes in any of my projects, I still haven’t to today actually

You may ask, why?

Well, the answer is quite simple, not that I was tired, I published plenty of post while tired in the past

Heck, I even set aside some time just before midnight to write post while I was in national, practical, and final exam and more

So, how dare I, didn’t post anything yesterday?!

Especially considering the fact that yesterday is the last day of national exam, and therefore the series of exam I participated in. To put simply, after 11 AM yesterday, I was free, like, completely free because I already got accepted for SNMPTN

Well, the actual reason is quite underwhelming

I just decided not to publish anything

Simple right? But seriously, yesterday around 7 PM I was like, let’s try not to publish anything today

Yeah, ‘try’, I know it would be hard to not publish anything, it’s hard to see the record that I’ve been doing for 4 months, not perfect record persay, but I always* published at least one post per day for the last 4 months

*There’s two occasion I didn’t publish any post, the two happen back to back when I was too busy registering for SNMPTN, also, my server was broken then. Read here

I just look at my archive and realize, there’s more than two occasion I didn’t publish any post :’v, let’s pretend I didn’t realize that

And btw, there’s this thing I realize yesterday

It’s hard to break a commitment

I did that on purpose, just to see what happen

And what did I found? I found out that I feel like obligated to publish something

I forced myself not to publish anything so hard that I didn’t even turned on my computer yesterday

So yeah, that’s my short story of me breaking my commitment for a day~on purpose~

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