YouTube channels that I subscribed to

One of the main source for my Interesting category is, you read the title, YouTube

Currently I am subscribed to 228 channels, it’s probably more in the past, but I already unsubs to some of it (Not a whole lot, maybe just 10)

I would say, I actively watch 10% of the channels, 10% just because they’re my friends, and the other 80% either I subscribe and forgot about them, watch them passively, or just to keep track of their channel

Channel that I always watched every single day, lately are (Including but limited to), SciShow, Seeker, LinusTechTips, TechLinked (Not daily), PewDiePie, KubzScout

PewDiePie and KubzScout, I tried to limit myself because I am currently in my practical exam week

The reason I want to list channels that I subscribed to here is, so in the future I can see how much I procrastinated in the past

Also, I realized how much I addicted to YouTube. I already managed to reduce my YouTube hours, but it’s still in the 6 hours mark, still addicted

It’s still a big improvement compare to me last year, my daily average was around 9-10 hours. See? I said I was addicted, not that I am proud of it

I planned to unsubscribe to most of it, including channels that should keep me up to date like Seeker and SciShow

Why? Because most vids that I watched from Seeker or SciShow, not really that beneficial for me personally. Maybe I could just remember/recall less than 5% of their videos

But SciShow Psych, I guess I will keep this one… Knowling Psych has been beneficial for me, and it’s cool

Here it is, a screenshot that I took from my phone a couple hours ago. Even long screenshot feature in my Asus Zenfone can’t capture all 228 channels in one image, so I need to split it into 3

And yeah, there’s duplicate, I don’t want to put too much time into this archive

It’s nice to have these archive, but this is not absolutely necessary

And about not putting much effort, I guess I will anyway… those screenshots above looks like a mess

Now I’ve archived my subscriptions, I can get started to clean my subs list

Oh yeah, according to my bias at least, I watch like 98% content in YouTube in English. From those list, from 228 channels, if you have time, try to count how many of them are English channels

Hope I can increase my productivity~


I realized I might want to do some analysis, like comparing my old subscription to my new (After cleaning) subscriptions

To do that effectively, instead of doing OCR (Converting the image to text from those screenshots above) I will use text directly instead

While I still can access all my subscriptions, I grab the HTML code and save it to a file, in the future I will extract the info that I needed and do some analysis to it

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