Why doctor only gave me a small amount of meds

Immediately a problem

As you might notice, I used the word meds here. I initially wanted to use the word drugs, but it will mislead wrongly, and will gone wrong(?)

So let’s start with this, late February I got a practical exam (Which I talked about at My Last Practical Exam in High School), which is part of my final school exam (USBN)

Then, I got sick (Which I also talked about at Why I always got sick, almost at the worst time possible)

Damn it feels good to refer to old post

Usually if I got sick, I don’t go to doctor immediately. The rationale usually is, well, I got sick usually because of my lack of sleep, so letting myself rest for a bit will solve the problem

That day however, I can’t take chance being sick for longer (Because I got exam), also I think I know the source of the problem (Which I also talked about at latter post), probably was virus, therefore I need medication

Long story short, I went to my family doctor, got checked up, got my medication, went home and drank it

After a few days, I got this shower thought, ‘Why did my doctor only gave so little amount of medication?’

Only like, 4 or 5 days worth of medication. In my mind I was like, of course there were some rationale behind it right?

Well, these are some of my thought

First, my doctor know for sure that is enough medication. Which is actually made sense, I mean, years of experience should gave you some kind of sixth sense right?

Second, that’s the most medication that my insurance would pay. I have this BPJS thing (Insurance issued by government), I don’t really wanna talk about this dark business side of meds though

Third, which is probably the likeliest reason, there’s no need for more medication, or it’s actually desirable for me to go back to doctor to ask for refill

I will be honest, I just thought of it just now

As a conjunction with the first point. Maybe the doctor ‘think’ that meds should solve my problem, and believe it

But, just to be safe, in the case the meds doesn’t solve my problem within the time limit (Remember, limited quantity, fixed drinking rate), maybe, just maybe, there’s error in her diagnostic

Which is likely to happen, according to my experience… watching House MD

So, if after that time limit I still not recover, I will go back to the doctor to ask for more medication

Maybe the doctor would find that as interesting since she knew ‘that meds’ is the perfect meds for ‘that diagnostic’

She would re-diagnostic me, and if the diagnostic still the same gave me some more of the same medication. Or in the worse case scenario, she got a different diagnostic

If she got different diagnostic now (Some disease only show their symptoms after certain amount of time passed, or after some kind of threshold been passed)

With this new symptoms, they will get a new diagnostic, therefore different medication, which hopefully right this time

So yeah, in this case, doctor actually use the amount of meds as a timer. Which mean, running out of meds is actually desireable

Only apply for cureable diseases, not tratable. People with only treatable disease like HIV would stuck living with their meds, which mean running out is actually undesireable

Wew, that was actually quite a nice theory, me (Giving myself on the back)

Then the forth theory, which is actually the theory I thought back then- the main reason I write this post

To make sure that I, don’t get overdose

Maybe, the active ingredient in those meds actually dangerous if eaten in large dose

Therefore, my doctor limit the amount of meds they gave to me, effectively reducing the maximum amount of ‘that dangerous active ingredient’ that I possibly eat

And remember, by “me” here, it can be my family, or someone else, like children who doesn’t know better

Maybe children thought those meds are candies, therefore they ate it a large amount. But since there is just so much of it, they can’t overdose

I thought of a ani-movie called Colorful, where the main protagonist got overdose of meds

Yeah, idk… just some random theory

And! These are just my random thought, I love solving mystery with only the limited knowledge that I have

If you want the real answer, ask you doctor or family maybe

Remember, you can’t be too careful~

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