Welcome Hari Chemistry’s new logo

Yeah yeah I know, I haven’t done writing that thing I said I was writing on since three days ago

But well, I haven’t, but still have to write a post a day, thanks to my project

I got my National Exam in a week, but I felt not studying today. When I open YouTube to procrastinate, I came across to one of Flutter Boring Show

Which I recommend btw, I watch all (Well, most) of their vids ever since last year, it show how ‘pro programmer’ actually do their things

Also, yesterday Google Drive android apps just got a visual refresh which inspired me to do the same to my apps

The first thing I did was, looking for my apps on my Apps List, and realize the 3 years old icon design is kinda out of date already

Initially I want to do the visual refresh on the apps (Programming), but well, let’s start with the icon first

When I was looking for inspiration, I remember that Office 365 got a new icons sets, which were nice btw

I look for the vids and watch this one

Eaps, definitely a cool new designs

I tried to follow their design guidelines while mixing my own style, and the lovely material theme of course as well

Because the apps I want to do visual refresh on is my Hari Chemistry, which is as the name suggest, a chemistry-education apps

I want to make the icon somewhat show what the app does, and eaps, I use the periodic table aspect of it, and use the new Excel icon as the base

One problem, I need a lot of color, somewhat gradient color but not really a gradient color. Material theme to the rescue

I remember Material theme have color guidelines, nicely formatted and arranged in fact that I can use it easily for this new icon

After some trying and matching, I decided to go with these 9 colors

Why 9? Not too much and not so little as well

Why orange? Because I don’t want to clear everything my apps achieve so far, and orange color have its own story in its creation

Also, for some reason I got this not so proven idea that atom collision create orange sparkle (Which is not true, probably)

I tried to create as many variation as I can, and because I also amazed by the Instagram icon’s color (Watch the last minute of this vid) I also tried to use the same idea of weird gradient color

Which btw, conveniently, Adobe Illustrator just pop me up a tips window showing its newest feature, Point based gradient (As oppose to line/sliding base), so yeah, I tried it out

I keep the main icon, well, I can’t find the original source design file (The illustrator file that I created 3 years ago), I am sure it is somewhere on my GDrive but I just restructured it a couple months ago which mean I probably moved it somewhere, and forgot

Why the icon is off center? Well, just variation. The office logo is off background, but I need to have background since people used to that kind of Apps icons, but well, I want to style it a bit

So yeah, just a new design for my apps. And btw I probably will use the first one that I made (The left top most corner one) since its simplicity is so nice

I haven’t implement it yet on the apps

But yeah, well done, me~

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