Voice Acting opportunity, Another reason to love Indonesia

Just watching some random video on YouTube home, which I just reinstalled yesterday when I saw sydsnap just uploaded a new video

I am a simple man, I see OreImo, I questioned my life decision

Btw, while watching her video I realized something. She is [quite] a big YouTuber, she is Gigguk‘s girlfriend, she should have quite a lot of money

But, her audio quality sucks … also, to put more salt into the mix, her job [I think] is voice acting, so not having a good microphone is kinda silly

I love it

Let’s get to the topic fast, I got like 25 minutes to write this post, I am tired af, sleepless, and [put some more excuse here]

While watching the video, something random just got passed my head, “It’s great speaking English natively isn’t it?”

I thought about it (probably) when Gigguk just appear out of no where and scream. He got a british accent, which sounds… sexy? Is that okay that I am saying that

Sydney who (Again, I think) works as a voice actress must have a tons of job because she speak English as her first language, I think

Then, I rethink about it… is it really great though?

The reason I thought it was great because there’re a tons of people that speak English. English is the lingua franca of the world I think

For some reason I have this memory of Mandarin being the most spoken language in the world… not gonna fact check though

More speaker, and therefore people that speak English and understand it, the more content that is in English would be consumed. Basically English content have bigger potential consumer/watcher/reader/listener

Which is part of the reason why I write my blog in English, not my main reason though

That would resulted in bigger industry that use English as it’s language, resulting in more job opportunity for English voice actor/actress


Then I rethink it again. Wait, but that also mean their competition came from all over the world, which mean they have a higher-harder-further(?) competition

So yeah, not really great after all

I just remembered, when I delete my blog, I have this page in Blogger that contain my main mission, one of which is meeting the singer of a song that I listen to a lot back then. Did I backed it up? It wasn’t a post, it was a page, I think. Probably didn’t backed up, something lost after all

Which then to the title, Indonesia

Indonesia is the third biggest country by population in the world, they have their own language, Bahasa Indonesia

Why I use they, it’s better be we

Btw, compare to the second biggest country, India, we’re really far away from them like by a long shot, by about 1 billion… holy shit

Back to the point, Indonesia have quite a nice voice acting industry (Need a lot of improvement though), but it definitely have less competition since we only compete with people within this country, not with the whole world

So yeah…

3 more minutes, let’s use that fora comparison with Balinese language which is a local language that spoken by Balinese people, let’s say the speaker is around 5 million

I will be honest, that’s too low of number to have a good local voice acting industry

They might as well become Indonesian’s voice actor since they can speak both language… or both language voice actresses

Yeah… quite a nice long complicated ironic principle thought, me!

Giving myself a pat on the back~


I forgot to write this morning exam which might relevant to why I have this thought (Read my comment below)

This morning, which is my last USBN exam btw, was Geography

There’s this question that might linger around on the back of my head, that resurface when I watch this video

What’s the pushing and attracting factors people migrate?

I write a lot of factor, listing it and explain it briefly. One of them is, opportunity

RIP opportunity rover

Basically, bigger city have bigger job opportunity, which is actually the case all over the world, I think

Bigger city, better infrastructure, better mind, better industries ecosystem, better job opportunity

May be, that’s what inspired me to come to this thought randomly when I watch this video

I just curious, where all these seemingly random thought come to my head from? It can’t be really just popped out of nowhere right? I am aware of cryptomnesia so I tried to find an explanation behind this one thought

It’s just weird that I think my inspiration might be one essay question from geography USBN final school exam that I don’t really put my effort into

But it still interesting though, I think this have something to do with how neuron in our brain works

Weirdly interesting~

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  1. I forgot to remove the abstract draft :’v

    … which btw if you’re curious is this thing

    Habis ulangan geografi, alasan migrasi

    Banyak orang bisa bahasa inggris, kompetisi terlalu besar

    Kalau terlalu sedikit yg bisa ngomong suatu bahasa, gaada industri (B Bali for ex)

    Indonesia in the balance, banyak speakernya, tapi tidak terlalu banyak. Persaingan VA bahasa Indonesia enggak seluas seluruh dunia

    Oh shit, I also forget to talk about the exam and its may relevant to this story… ah, let’s edit

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