Trace Dominguez and Seeker

Seeker, SciShow, AsapScience, [And a lot more] are some YouTube channel that I usually watch daily

Yesterday, I reinstalled my YouTube, when I open it, I got this video, titled Trust – In a Nutshell (I swear it had different titled then, guess they changed it)

The channel is Coffee Break. Basically, Kurzgesagt made a video containing a oversimplified concept that kinda misleading and almost to the point of wrong

Coffee Break initially want to talk about the bad side of Pop Science, want to do an interview, they already agreed on an interview, then Kurzgesagt uploaded this video

I won’t talk more about this since I already writing another post talking about the drama that happening between the two.
No matter what you’ve done, there’s always someone who sees you did wrong

The thing that I wanna talk about is, after going some rabbit hole, reading the comment and stuff I got a news, an old news in fact that I simply didn’t know

Trace Dominguez quit Seeker, wtf

For a bit more context, I already watch Seeker even when their name still DNews, so, it’s been long… 3 years?! Damn, I don’t think it’s been that long

For the longest time, Trace is the face of Seeker for me

In fact, he is the only one from Seeker that I remembered the name, so it’s a big deal for me

The changing host is something that I thought myself, that’s why I create a channel (undoneCreation) using not my name. I want people to stay subscribe to the channel even if the host changed

You know what, recently Linus Tech Tips also make a video, a live stream to be more specific that’s relevant to this

Wew, that’s weird

This ‘changing host’ problem come to my mind when I watch a video about a YouTube channel, a big, the biggest in his era even (Maybe?), that changed the host and lost tons of subscriber. I can’t really remember the name of the channel though

Just imagine what would you think if Felix no longer host PewDiePie youtube channel

And now I think about it, yeah I overthinking it. Why I thought of changing host, I don’t even have a big channel yet, damn

I notice when Seeker have that new theme called Seeker Element stuff, I also notice that the host differ each video (Maybe the writer host the video, instead of one host for many writer)

What I didn’t notice is, where’s Trace?

The last video (That I could remember) that he host is from The Swim series, not remember which though

I have observe this kind of phenomenon before. Let’s say I got sick today, not a severe one, let’s say just a sore throat. If tomorrow I already recovered, I wouldn’t notice it

Like, if my hand hurt today, I would notice it right away. If tomorrow my hand not hurt, I wouldn’t notice it right away. Why? Because there’s no impulse for ‘not hurt’, the impulse is ‘nothing to report here’

Ahh.. it’s complicated, I make it unnecessarily complicated… Basically, I didn’t notice Trace no longer host Seeker

I also found his channel, Trace Dominguez. And this video

That video is from 6 months ago… what?! It’s been 6 months, I watch Seeker video daily, but didn’t notice it?! What, it’s so weird to say the least

It’s kinda sad, imagine if you suddenly disappear from the world, and it took the world 6 month to notice it…

Imagine the sun suddenly vanished, and it took like 8 minutes for us on Earth to notice it

He explain why he left on that vid (Basically, he want creative freedom), but I can’t really say, is it?!

I tried thinking of controversial thing that Seeker did that might differ from Trace‘s vision, and the only one controversial that I could recall is, that time Seeker change its logo (Temporarily) for LGBT stuff (Didn’t remember)

But idk, not enough data

Maybe he really left because he want more creative freedom

Seeker in the other hand, handled his left really well, heck I didn’t notice it until now

The only problem that Seeker face with the left of him, maybe Seeker+. Podcast that usually hosted by Trace

Now I think about it, I haven’t watch any Seeker+ for really long time, the last maybe about Nuclear energy? not sure

So yeah, I just feel really troubled that I didn’t notice it

I hope his channel work out fine, or great even

Hope the best for you Trace~

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