The sky in disguise, I write a post in written format

So yeah, the last day of my practical exam is in the 2nd of February, and it was a English practical exam

The tasks, yeah with s, wasn’t hard to be honest, but it would took some times to finish. Especially for ones that serious about it

The task was writing two texts, one descriptive text and one recount text. Not hard, really

Most of my friends cheated (They write their text at home), some don’t really care (Arya and Galih just write without being serious) and me being me (Love literature) tried my best

The descriptive text was about GGC, Goa Giri Campuhan (Well, we do have options, but well, GGC is the only one REAL option here)

I will be honest, I’ve never been there before, I actually wanted to go there, but because some circumstances, I decided not to (Basically it was too dangerous)

So how did I write a pretty detailed description about it? Well, remember those friends that write at home? They asked me (And Galih) to translate their text to English

So yeah, I based my text on their text, basically they gave me data to write on my text

I will talk more about translating for my friends later, in another post because it was quite an experience

I write this text first (The task was writing two text in a span of two hours), I took it so seriously, I mean just look at the title

The Sky in Disguise, I am really proud of the title. I also explain why I titled it that way in the text, if you’re interested

The text was quite poetic (I am proud of it), the grammar wasn’t bad (But not great either), the continuity between sentences were good, the content were good, I wish I had more time to work on it, but overall, really proud of it

The Sky in Disguise (Descriptive Text)

In the other hand, because I spent most of my time writing the descriptive text (Like 95% of my times I spent on that) and I still haven’t really finished yet. I was running out of time to write the second text

The second text is a Recount text, most stories in this blog is in recount format (I realized that while writing it), hence the title of this post

Again, we got options for the theme. But I choose to write my experience cleaning Puseh temple after a big event there

I didn’t have time to finish it, there’s still a lot more than I want to talk about in this text, but I was the only one left in my class! Shit!

Bu Jro (The teacher that watched over us) was okay with it, but I just felt pressure to finish my text asap

I hope Bu Jro would say “Take your time” so I don’t feel pressured to finish it asap, but idk. I just feel pressured to finish it asap, even though I know Bu Jro is okay with it

I even got chance to talk with her after I submit my texts. She was cool with it, but I just can’t help to feel pressured

I titled the text Aftermath, proud of it as well. The inspiration? I don’t really wanna talk about it, but well, who cares

Aftermath is named after a company that focus on cleaning house after suicide, I watched a video about their job at YouTube. And the word Aftermath just sounds cool, aftermath, kinda for joke as well, after mathematics

The inspiration for the title is kinda dark

I spent like 10 minutes writing this text, which wasn’t enough, really!

A recount text should be written in past tenses, but I struggle to just finish it asap, let alone checking all the grammars

You can see from my writing style, it is messy, compared to the descriptive text which is tidier

Really wish I had more time writing it

I want my English teacher to read this blog, so he knows I write a lot, so he knows I can do a lot better

But well, I am okay with this. I can do better, a lot better in fact. But okay… it is okay

Aftermath (Recount Text)

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