The Irony Principle (Counterintuitive behavior)

I already notice this weird phenomenon since like, at least one year ago. Edit: Later I realized it’s around 3 years

I do think there’s already a term for this phenomenon but since I am too lazy to look for it (And I don’t know what search term to use too), I will name it myself

I didn’t actually name it last year, I just created a name just now, because I need a title… haha

And btw, the closest thing that I know to this phenomenon is reverse psychology, but that refer to a completely (yet similar) phenomenon

I notice there’s a pattern after watching a lot of YouTube videos, not YouTube itself, but the content. Just like the topic in this video I just watched this morning

Thing is, sometimes, yeah, sometimes, the absolute opposite is more likely… like, you know what, idk how to explain this thing

This principle is closely related to psychology in my opinion, this happen because the absurdity that is a human mind, the unpredictability side of it

For example, the irony principle that explored in above video is something along this line:

People will make mistake in driving, therefore we should give them a room for error so when they do make mistake, it won’t be fatal.

Btw, that sounds really good btw. But when applied to the reality, it’s way more complicated to say the least

Unfortunately, by giving driver a more forgiving environment to drive, they tend to speed up which at the end worsened the traffic problem

See that? There’s a hidden variable that the engineer didn’t notice; This cause the complete opposite of the desired goal. Instead of reducing the traffic accident, we ended up increasing them. Hence, irony

Talking about traffic, I remembered the video that may be the one that inspired me of this observation

A video by Wendober Production in mid 2017, so around 3 years ago

The irony there is something like this

There is a road that have a heavy traffic congestion; To solve that problem the government came up with the solution to increase the lanes; By increasing the lanes, more people ended up choosing to drive over public transportation; More car on the road which ended up lead to more traffic congestion

Okay, I just realize, counter intuitive is the word that I was looking for, but well, irony principle also is quite a catchy name. So let’s just put both on the title 😂

To give other example outside of the traffic realm, let’s talk about education. The topic that close to heart for me

Teacher want student to study more at home; Teacher came up with a solution that, by giving student more homework, the student will be forced to study more at home; Student got demotivated, less study, and less educational achievement overall

Also, as I said earlier (The first 6 paragraphs were written this morning, the rest written at the night, what a productivity) there must be already a name (And maybe a proper study) for this very real phenomenon

Reverse psychology is something that I use relatively quite often, mostly for joke, mostly. Reverse psychology isn’t quite a right term for this phenomenon imo

So yeah, idk what else to put here

Maybe if you’re a scientist, found the same phenomenon and researching toward it, and for some reason (Presumably procrastinating) stumbled across this weird post of mine: Don’t forget to credit me~

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