Something that’s so profound, it changed your way of thinking

I’ve been wanting to share this for a while (Less than a week actually), but of course I forgot about it

That ‘forgot’ increase the reasoning behind sharing this post actually. I initially don’t want to save these nice quotes, but well again, I will forget these quote if I don’t save it. Which I just proof

Also, yesterday I didn’t write a post, I already opened my laptop, and started writing some letter. But I felt asleep, I was so tired because yesterday was quite a day. A national exam simulation in the morning, lunch with my classmates in the afternoon and then watching Captain Marvel in the evening. So yeah, quite exhausting

But well, the source of these quote is this video

The video got recommended to me to my YouTube home, probably because I’ve been watching r/something a lot in YouTube (Mostly prorevenge, entitledparent, chooshingbeggars, woosh and facepalm)

So yeah, these are two screenshot from the video that I found out as profound, for me at least

And here are some comments that I found too nice to not include in here (Not in particular order)

You should open the video by yourself, and read the comments section. It is golden, seriously

And that is, my low effort to fill today’s quote, because I got USBN for 8 days starting from tomorrow, hope me the best~

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