Sayonara, I love you

Didn’t expect I would write this

Considering I keep talking about an unfinished post since, like, a long time ago (It’s actually 5 days ago)

This won’t be long since, I don’t feel like writing today, also, not much to talk about here

The story is similar to the Magic of love, in fact I think I got both video from my brother at the same time

tl;dr I first listen to this song, probably in junior high, therefore it has sentimental value to me. Especially the above one (The one with anime visual)

That’s because, I feel nostalgic hearing the music, especially if I watch the visual at the same time

Then, come to the reason I write this post today (Other than that I don’t feel like writing something heavy today)

YouTube just recommended me a vid, an interesting vid nonetheless, this is that vid

Eaps, this is the same song that is used by the AMV above

Initially, I think the AMV come first, then this vid… later I realized that’s stupid

It is much more sense that the vid come first (As a music video, the official one tho) then someone got inspired by it, and made an AMV using the song

Not gonna complain, it’s a really good song

Also, one interesting thing that I found out

At first, looking at the title and their role in the song. I though the girl (Vocal) is Cliff Edge while the rapper are the featured one

But nope, it’s actually the other way around (Whcih tbh make sense, in a way)

Jya me is actually the vocal, and the featured one in the song, but her role is just too important to be the featured one tbh

And Cliff Edge is the creator (?), and the rapper. Also, After these years of listening to this song, I just realized there were more than one rapper voices, damn

. . . Oh yeah, one more thing

The initiator, the opener? The setup of the video music (The latter one, not the AMV) reminded me of a popular meme

Kamu Jahat

Which translate roughly to, “You’re mean”… but not after she slap him in the face

I think the meme is from Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (AADC)

,You may also notice, I didn’t give anything additionally on the title. Like for example Magic of Love, the song that I loved so much but don’t understand

That is because,
I love you~

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