Relaxio, my meditation white noise

I was writing something deep yesterday when I realized I just didn’t have enough time to finish it on time

Therefore, to fill up my quota for yesterday, I spent the remaining time to write this

The plan was, finish up writing the filler post, then spent the rest of the night to finish the deep post

I think it safe to say that, I haven’t finish it. Looking that I made another filler up post, yeah, this post. This is like 11 PM already. Yesterday after I finished writing that filler post, I just decided to sleep

First let’s talk about the White Noise part of the title. The noise that generated by my Relaxio setting isn’t a white noise, it’s just easier to title it that way

I probably heard about this thing called White Noise, or Colored Noise in general in this SciShow video

The timestamp is July 2016, is it really that long though? I doubt I watched it on the day it released, but I can safely assume so, I think

Basically a Colored Noise is a bunch of sounds (Noise) that can help you focus better. How? Watch that video, it explain better than I can possibly do here

I do prefer to use White Noise (As oppose to Pink Noise and other color) for some reason, it just helped me focus better

If you’re wondering, this is the white noise I usually listen to

Also, I don’t started listening to White Noise actively until recently. The one event that I can recall, when I started using White Noise actively is the English Olympiad Event in mid February

I followed an Online English Olympiad along with Putri, a friend of mine (Though she followed the Math one). We do the test at a public Wifi Hotspot (Telkom Bangli), I did have a personal Wifi, but I can’t invite her to my house, right?

Basically, the website we do the test on, is trash. It just make it hard to answer even the simplest question. Like, there’s a text I need to read to answer question 1,2,3 and 4, but the text only attached on question 1, so I need to go back and forth between question just to see the text

The text also doesn’t have spacing between paragraphs, the text is Center Aligned/Justify so no Indentation. Basically I can’t differentiate between paragraph using the formatting, I need to differentiate using the continuity between paragraph. If a new line is describing a new idea, I will assume it is a starting for a new paragraph

Needless to say, I need more focus than I anticipated. Also, remember, we were at a public place, a noisy one as well

And, because prior to that test, maybe the day before the test, I come across to another White Noise related video/article again which refreshed my memory about it; I come with the idea, maybe this is the perfect time to use this knowledge

I put Galih’s headset on (Yeah, I borrowed his, I think) and play that White Noise YouTube vid (Link somewhere above)

Also, I love look smart, maybe I want people to acknowledge that I know this colored noise stuff. Idk, maybe both

Then, maybe a few days after that event, I found that opening YouTube vid just to listen to White Noise is a little bit inconvenience. Also, I love listening to white noise before sleeping, I need a timer functionality

I googled and found this app called Relaxio, along with several other noise generator app

But I found out Relaxio is the best out of them. It’s not a real White Noise though. It’s more of a noise mixer app. But I found this is as good, or even better (Considering how I use it) than Colored Noise

Here come my real reason writing this post, other than to fill up my daily writing quota. That is, to save my Relaxio setting

I named that setting as Driving at Bypass

I based it on the most relaxing thing that I ever experienced: Driving under the rain in the middle of the night

I can attribute two events in my life that make me fall in love with that situation/experience. Which also one reason I call myself as Ame na otoko (Boy of rain?)

The first one is, I don’t really know when (Around my mid year of junior high). I, my sister, and my father went to a mall (Probably Matahari Mall), I think the reason is because I just wanted to buy a Pen Tablet or Stylus Pen

But before we went there, we stop by a restaurant, Pak Bagong restaurant, where it was rainy, my father went to the restaurant leaving me and my sister in the car parked in front of the restaurant, on the side of the road

For some reason I can recall I was playing Hill Climb Racing on my phone, when I forwarded my head to the windshield of my car, then look up to the sky. God bless, that rainy skies, rainy noises, and rainy feeling, I felt in love with rain in car since then

The second one is, when I was learning to drive a car with my father. There were several occasion when I (And my father) drive in rain, but most of them were in the evening (When I and my father free, so he can teach me to drive car)

There’s this one though, where I tried to replicate using the Relaxio app. I even tried to write one of the plot point in Disconnect Nostalgia about this one experience

Basically, around March/April 2018, where I was experienced enough in driving that I and my father confident to drive to Denpasar, city in Bali

The purpose was to get me confident driving in high way, but the experience I got was more than just that

We went to Denpasar, drive on a high way, I don’t remember if we arrived to Denpasar or turn around before we got there

But when we drive home, which was already night, there were thunderstorm, it was rainy. I felt blessed

The rain, the thunderstorm, the car noise, the wind noise; the thing that I tried to replicate using that setting, it was a really calming experience

I drive quite slowly, enjoying the atmosphere, this is one of the biggest moment of me, and my father. Yeah, our biggest moment is just sitting in a car in the middle of a high way under a big thunderstorm, as of today

That is, the atmosphere I tried to replicate using this app, the experience I imagine whenever I meditate using this app, which is almost everynight

God bless~

EDIT, like 15 minutes after I published it

I just remember that I have Instagram stories of the second experience. Thanks young me, the documenter prick that I am, this is why, this is the kind of memories that I want to document and share and remember

That ‘pffttt’ one, did I really snap that story as a joke?

The second event precisely happened at 21st of February 2018 (I missed by a long shot, April? Nope, it was February) at the evening of that day

The timestamp of that video is 18.43, and that was at Denpasar

And the one that I talked about? This one

The timestamp is 19.04. I do think there’s some ‘noise’ missing from my ‘formula’, but I thought it was just something I can’t replicate (You know, the nuance), turned out it was a Gamelan

Really proud of myself, this is the kind of event I want to keep, I want to talk with my children, I want to remember……..

When I started writing this post (Two hour ago), and now, is still raining. A kitten that I named Cross sleeping by my side, the only thing that illuminating my bedroom now is this LCD display that I am writing on, a headset with Tate no Yusha ED theme playing, a warm bed even without me under the blanket

What a blessed world that I lived in~

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