Oh, didn’t remember I had education-abstract.blogspot.com

You know what’s weird? Forgetting something in your past, I do this quite frequently… that made me sounds like forgetting them intentionally

But no, (more often than not) I don’t want to forget my past… but my daily life, and life style just … was bad, to put simply

I have this theory, that my bad memory (As in, having hard time recalling the past) have something to do, well, happened because my sleep schedule

I already talk about it several times in this blog, my sleep schedule, even since 2016 I already talk about having a better sleep schedule

I will attribute my bad sleeping schedule, mostly to my 7th grader self, that got too many homework from my junior high. Even a group tasks, he usually do it by himself

Then, he became an otaku… his sleep schedule became even worst…

Wait… this isn’t suppose to be about that… this is suppose to be about a forgotton creation of mine

So, I just finished writing computer origin as in textile theory, and I thought… this is quite an interesting thing that everybody should know, so I scrolled down toward the sharing button, and share that post to my personal Facebook account

You should share something that you found out as interesting, please. And for this blog, please share everything

Also, I just refreshed my old dusty personal Facebook account (I changed the banner and the avatar)

Then, I saw that button, Pinterest. I watched a video about how to utilize Pinterest for better blog traffic recently, and I was like… let’s try this out

I clicked it, it asked me to log in. I remembered, just out of curiosity, I had created an account in Pinterest around when I was in junior high, just to see about this new shiny ‘social media’, and eaps… my response was identical like the first time opening Snapchat (Closing it immediately)

But now I am older, and wiser (Hopefully), and supposedly know what Pinterest is good for, I tried to login to my account, I tried using my phone number (Which I also have since junior high) but nope

I want to use Google sign in but the email provider that I use actively in junior high was, Hotmail (By Outlook, Microsoft)

So, because of brain priming, I tried to use Facebook (That I just used prior) and yeah, it worked. I successfully logged in to my old-dusty-not really used Pinterest account. Then, it showed me this

I recognized and remember the logo on the left, that is clearly a new (Now old) logo of mine, that I created around 2016 inspired by Porter Robinson’s Sad Machine music video

But that so called board on the right, education-abstract.blogspot.com, I have no recollection of it. Like I don’t remember it, at all

That company name, Abstract, is the name that I commonly use around my early junior high (Mid 7th grade to 8th grade probably)

And I was into education around 8th grade, like, Project Letisha was initially the idea I had thought of in my 8th grade

So, that blog, education-abstract.blogspot.com, probably I created it around 8th grade, so around 2014 or 2015

But when I opened the blog, and saw the footer, it said 2016

So… what? is it really mine? I don’t really remember. 2016, so either I was a 9th grader or 10th grader

But I use the name abstract in junior high, but that logo is from senior high. But I don’t remember this blog at all


Why do I have to found this? Why can’t I find my old story, that lost post of mine, about a caterpillar that became a butterfly?!

Idk, it’s just so frustrating for me to not be able to remember my past (One reason why I write at this blog)

And more, forgetting my own creation, my own brain-child?! That’s really a bad thing that I don’t want to talk about (Well you just did). To be fair to myself, that blog has like, 0 content on it, so I probably just use that as an experiment (A forgotten experiment that is)

My life timeline is messed up (But, tbh everybody’s life timeline must be messed up, human memory just bad at remembering time of event)

That left a question, is that blog really mine though?

If that blog is really was just an experiment, I probably already deleted it. But I’m sure Blogger won’t allow register a new blog to already used domain (Even though that domain already not used)

So… what happen?

Idk, I would love to see what email is connected to that blog. Is it mine, is it NOT mine, is it mine but another forgotten email? Our life as a human is just full of mystery

I have some piece of the puzzle, but knowing a little without knowing the whole pictures, is really frustrating me, even more than knowing nothing… I guess the lesser you know, the better you sleep after all huh

There’s a saying that’s says something like this

People that don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it

A paraphrasing by me

I guess that’s why, we became adult, then acted like a child again

That doesn’t convey the meaning I wanna say, but let’s left it open ended~

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