No pain, No game; that nice visual though

I just watched it right now, and immediately felt in love with the visual

The song is the opening theme for the anime Btooom, which I liked, but not really love

The song itself is quite nice, but the thing that interest me the most about that video is of course, the visual

The character design is so good, the animation may be not fluid but it’s still really visually pleasing, the coloring is just nice, overall really good

Not much to write here, it’s just a nice music video. The singer btw is Nano, I am not really familiar with him, and any of his other works

I kinda confuse between Nano and another band named Nano;ripe but well, that’s outside the scope of this post

Just to put it here, really nice visual~

Character design huh, I just watched the entire season of New Game two days ago, maybe that is why

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