Nintendo nice PR stunt

I watched a video from gamerank this morning. I didn’t expect a lot from there, just another game news I thought

Well, that is exactly what I got, but there’s something other that I got there today

Well, maybe my PR sensor just became way more sensitive after watching a video of The Game Theorist where he mentioned about public relationship job

Nintendo as a company, I didn’t really gave them much credit, mostly because I don’t really play on their console (I only have a PlayStation 2 btw)

The only time I have a Nintendo console was when I was too young to really play it, maybe pre-school, so before the age of 7

I don’t even sure was it really a Nintendo console, I remember playing some kind of Super Mario Bros

The console probably looks like this one

Image from Google

The console cost like Rp. 100K, so around $10, that is around 2007, but still, it was too cheap for a genuine console

Well, it probably just a knock off or rip off console. And btw, it broke off in just one day of use. ONE DAY!

I think it was my brother’s fault, he tried to disconnect the video cable, and for some reason the console can’t play anymore

There’s an interesting story of how I got that console btw, basically I hurt myself forcing my parent to buy a game console for me. And yeah, I am not proud of that

Maybe because of that, I don’t really trust Nintendo (Even though that console probably just a rip off)

Even these days, I don’t really know why a lot of people respect Nintendo. My best guess is, there’s a nostalgia factor to that, N64 is a really popular console back then

When Nintendo release Nintendo Switch, I will be honest, I didn’t think it would succeeded, but it does. People love Switch

Then in that video, paraphrasing, Jake said something interesting about Nintendo that increase my respect toward them

Basically, Nintendo told their android games’ player to not spent too much money on them. Spending money on In-App-Purchase for Nintendo may ruin their brand recognition


Nintendo is not interested in making a large amount of revenue from a single smartphone game

If we managed the game alone, we would have made a lot more

So yeah, not the most pure intention, there’s still business decision behind it (They want people to buy their console), but being honest is a big point for them

So yeah, I don’t really know why I write this. Galih have a bad day today, and there’s some more interesting story that I better write than this, also I need to study for exam

Ah… I don’t know, my mind kinda doesn’t work well today~

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