Navicula’s Saat semua semakin cepat, Bali berani berhenti

Tomorrow, March 7th 2018 is a special day, especially for people that live here in Bali

In addition to Putri’s birthday (That I didn’t know), tomorrow is Nyepi day

Nyepi is, actually I am not 100% sure, is Nyepi a Hindu stuff, or Bali specific stuff? Or maybe Hindu-Indonesia stuff?

Because religion is shaped by culture, and there’s plenty holy-day that differ from Hindu-Bali and Hindu-India.

Holy festival for example, it’s an India’s event, but we don’t usually celebrate it here in Bali

One thing about Nyepi that I always remember every year, since a couple years ago is this song, by Navicula, a band from Bali

I don’t quite remember when was the first time I heard this song

But I heard it, the very first time at Facebook, probably before Nyepi

I didn’t know Navicula prior to listening to this song, but once I heard this song, it just stuck in my mind

About the title, Saat semua semakin cepat, Bali berani berhenti, can be translated to When everybody going faster, Bali dare to stop

Or something like that, don’t quote me on that, it’s hard to translate this kinda of thing

Basically, in Nyepi, most if not all activity in Bali is going to a complete stop, well not really (I’ll explain more about this later)

Nyepi, can be translated to silencing. A day where people that live in Bali, stop their activity for a day

Those activity include stop eating, stop going outside house, stop creating, stop using fire. Well, that’s heavily generalized, for example, by stop using fire, it mean you shouldn’t cook, etc

I am really bad at explaining this kinda of thing don’t I?

About that caveat I talked about earlier. Bali doesn’t come to a complete stop

For example, there’s still Pecalang (Balinese’s police) going around the street, to watch over people, and maybe offender. Basically to keep people safe

And public services that is vital and essential will be in fact still running. Yeah, satelite tv and mobile data will be disabled tomorrow, but hospital, not really

About internet btw, mobile data in particular, we (me and my classmates) already got message informing that our internet will be disable tomorrow by Kominfo (Indonesia’s communication agency)

Internet service in Bali will be reduced at Nyepi day, vital will stay on

I am really glad that I receive that message, it means tomorrow I can stop my mind, and relax and say Technology will not take over my life, and something crazy like that

I will be fasting tomorrow, by that, I mean, I will try fasting (Probably for only 18 hours or so)

I am anti-social, so not going outside of my house is like, ordinary to me (Not really)

There’s this thing in psychology, when we prohibit people, they will try to break that law

Not creating anything? Okay, that’s hard. How to stop my creativity tomorrow, I will have idea tomorrow, no doubt, but I can’t work tomorrow, damn

Eh wait, I have already suppressed my desire to do programming for the last like 3 months (FU exam!) so probably alright

… Wait, I wouldn’t be able to post for tomorrow, hmm. Well, maybe there’s always exception right, maybe I should rest from this writing project for tomorrow

I can schedule a post, but let’s don’t do that

And lastly, not using fire. It also include electricity, so people don’t turn their light on at night.

No light pollusion equal Admiring the galaxy

I just love looking at stars

Well, PLN (Electricity company) can’t, or shouldn’t turn off their service because electricity is vital these days. Who knows there’s people in need of electricity for their… maybe life support device

I hope people, especially my family won’t turn any light on, lemme admire the beauty that is our stars, at least once a year

There’s this story about New Yorker (Or LAer) that never see stars, then one day there’s state wide electricity outage. Those people saw stars for the first time, and got scared of it. Not really a real story, but I don’t want to become like them

And one last thing, Galih, one of my friend, will stay over at a hospital tomorrow, he will spent his Nyepi at hospital basically, with his father. Not gonna elaborate about it

Good thing they keep the electricity on, hospital need them. And generator won’t be able to keep up for an entire day

I have downloaded some anime, and charged my power bank, just in case I got bored tomorrow. Hope I don’t, but I probably will

I got really side tracked, started from intention just to write about that one song, and now become an entire full post, huft

Btw, Nyepi must decreased pollution produced in Bali, by a lot. I think everybody all over the world should do Nyepi, maybe in Earth Day, not only for the good environmental impact, but for the stars~

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