My play store apps as of now

Yeah, it is a trend, I still haven’t finish writing that

I think it’s not that I am lazy, I have written plenty of posts as substitute for not writing that post on time. I think I just still feel the story isn’t complete, yet

Yeah, the story of my SNMPTN indeed is incomplete

But, let’s talk about something else today. Continuing in the realm of programming as of my latest post, Welcome Hari Chemistry’s new logos, let’s talk a bit, just a bit of apps that I have submitted to Play Store

Why submitted and not published? Well, that’s because I only have one app currently public on Play Store

If you see at the top-right corner, I use that uncreate logo as my developer front page on Play Store now, I am planning to replace it with something else, but I still have no idea yet

Aurora Player

Aurora Player, as maybe the name suggest, it’s a music player apps

I recall writing this app in Native Android using Kotlin Programming Language, around… damn, late 2017. From November to December 2017, damn

I remember talking about this app with Galih at my school’s hall. Back when, my class moved there temporarily

Seriously though? It’s been 2 years? idk, it’s actually closer to 1 and a half year

I remember listening to this music like hundreds of times, each day, just to get the Persistent Notification working

I downloaded and converted some anisong from YouTube (Might as well try to enjoy it right), copy most of mp3 from Galih’s phone, and… some Voice Recording that got cluttered in my MP3 finding mechanism as well…

I think I use my Zenfone 4 Max Pro to develop it, I learned a lot of new concept while creating that app, including Kotlin, Notification, Media Controller, Background Task, Notification Template (The currently-playing notif differ from my phone and my friend’s phone, our phone’re different android version), and a lot more

The reason I started creating it? Well, there’re a lot of music in YouTube that I listen a lot, but they’re music, and I want to turn off my screen while listening to them (Which are not allowed by YouTube policy), I also want to sync music between my computer and my phone easily

Which I figured, why don’t I make an apps to solve this problem?, so yeah, the idea was to use Google Drive to sync the music between devices. But for some reason I never actually finish the app

Why I haven’t finish creating it? Well, actually I haven’t give up yet on turning this idea into reality. But why I stopped once? Well, it’s more that I forgot about it, then deciding to give up myself

See, January to June 2018 was a nightmare to me. I was depressed, bad thing happen, crunchy tragedy, that osn tragedy, that one, also that one, I was busy on learning to drive a car, huft… Basically not that I gave up, but I just can’t put my mind into it since too much going on in my life at the time

Depth Timer

Okay, it’s just a pretty simple app that I used to prove a point. The point I wanted to prove probably something along this line “Nope, physics is useful”

See, in senior high in Indonesia, particularly SMA, there’s three major; science, social and language. We (Including the science student themselves) love to make fun of the subject we study

Probably because we got stressed too much because of it. One of those joke is, Science people calculate the rate apple fall from its tree while science people just pick it up and eat it

Yeah, something like that… I, love making fun of my own major… but I want to prove to my friend, if used right, the studies we did at school can be useful. As a programmer, I decided to make a simple app to calculate how far thing have fallen according to gravity

I think I was, again, inspired by one of Mark Rober vid, this one. I also want to create a vid of my programming skill so badly that I create a bodge app for it

I use the simple GLBB (Gerak Lurus Berubah Beraturan) formula, whatever it’s called in English… S=V0t+1/2ag^2, I am too lazy to format the formula, you know that formula… hopefully

Judging from the time stamp of video above, I probably made this app around early to mid 2017, which was really long time ago

Using Java and native android, nothing much to talk about it

I learned the concept of delayed invocation, timer and maybe more while creating this app

I removed it from Play Store listing since I don’t think anyone would actually use it

Hari Chemistry

Or the codename, Hydrogen project (But I give it a codename AFTER I give it a real name, in fact, I think I just gave it a codename so I can organize my GDrive directories better)

The app is still live, and I occasionally update it, at

In fact I am currently working on a update for it

This is probably the first real Android, mobile app, and app in general that I made (Excluding Project Sunshine, a tutorial app making project by Udacity)

I made it around mid 2016. I remember it clearly since I got a story related to MPLS with this app. The story is worth a post on its own. But basically, one day, at orientation week of my senior high (The first few days I became a senior high schooler) I got late, when my senior confront me of my lateness, I said the reason behind it was that I was creating an app for my father

Which is a nice segway to why I started creating this app, to put simply, I know from the start that the best way to learn programming is just by making program, but I just didn’t have a good app idea (That is easy, yet useful so I motivated to finish it)

Then, my father (And mine) laziness come to rescue. Basically he asked me to create an app to help him calculate molar mass of molecule in chemistry. I also was motivated since I think, I can use this opportunity for multiple purpose, one obscure one is ‘to learn chemistry while I am at it’

This is actually was, and still is, my only real app that is finished and public on Play Store. It is also not-so-complex app, therefore I use this app as ‘my sandbox’, I learn new concept in programming, and implement it on this app

For example, yesterday I learned about Dart Stream, RxDart, and Observable, which then I implement on the app (Which I just did this evening) since the app is easy to alter

To put simply, the app have three platform. First, since mid 2016 (Beginning creating it) I use Java and native android; then maybe late 2017 I migrated to Kotlin but still native android; and then December 2018 (Looking at my first git commit) I migrated to Dart Flutter and cross platform

I have a lot story to talk about this one particular app, I have this sentimental relationship with this app. The story I will talk more about later in the future

You can see some more development on it at #project_hydrogen


I will be honest, I have this love-hate relationship with this ‘concept’ of an app

Yeah concept, if Hari Chemistry is my first real app (Mid 2016), Letisha, which is the codename (Project Letisha) is the concept I have been pursuing since, like, at least 8 grade, around 2014

I definitely want to talk about this app more, I will in fact

Remember that depression arc I talked about a lot? To make myself feel ‘worthy’ I tried to do something that I think I can do best, which was ‘creating app’, but I didn’t have app idea at early 2018

Therefore, I salvage this old rusty idea since my junior high

I already fail, again and again pursuing the concept of this app, which is actually pretty simple, an eduction app (Similar to RuangGuru and Quipper combine today)

When junior high, back when I know basically just the bare minimum of programming, probably something like script kitties in hacking, I tried to make a server in Ms. Azure which of course I failed

Then, I level up my programming skill, try it again, fail again

Then, I level up my UWP development skill, try it again, fail again

Then, I level up my android development skill, try it again, fail again

Then, I level up my web development skill (Django), try it again, fail again

Then, I level up my backend, cloud, flutter, nodejs, mongods, try it again, fail miserably

Huft… I already gave up, but just give me few months, I think I will pursue this idea again (Even though I think I know this idea won’t work)

Yeah, but finishing this app is never the point. I just trying to write a program that would inclusive to most concept that I probably need in the future. So I can try using it now, and hopefully understand it

But still, After spending like, 8 months on it (Just the latest attempt alone, since January to August 2018) and failing, of course kinda hurt a bit… a lot… it hurt A LOT to be honest

Again, I will talk more about it… also, why there’s two listing in the screenshot? I probably will touch that in the future, well, this one particular aspect of it is not interesting

The most interesting aspect of this app is, what part does it took in my depression arc

The concept that both saved, and killed me in the same time~

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