Mourning Morning

Today is quite a sad day, nah, it is a really sad day for Galih

Something that, I can see coming but I tried to suppress the thought of it at the back of my mind. But keeping it in the dark, doesn’t really help the situation

Galih’s dad, passed away, yesterday, time of death at 00:10 AM

I genuinely don’t know how to phrase my language in this kinda thing. Let’s be honest, I never practiced my English in this kind of nuance

Let’s set the time machine to two days ago, March 8th 2018, just before midnight

Putri, a friend of mine sent me a WA message at 7PM, which I didn’t read until around 11PM. The message btw, is she recommending me a K-Drama called Memories of the alhambra

If you’re asking why she recommend me a K-Drama, that because I got curious what the fuss is all about. Why the girls in my classmates got interested in it. I try to understand their liking, unlike them who don’t try to understand anime

Yeah, I tried to avoid talking about this uncomfortable topic. But let’s talk about it

We chatted for a bit, until she did something that annoyed me. I said bye, and ended the chat ‘peacefully’

Then, around midnight, Galih sent me a message. He answered my ‘oi’ an hour after I sent it, it is something ordinary, he answer chat quite slowly sometimes. Unknown to me, that he must’ve been struggling

We talked for a bit, but I already turned off the light and prepared myself to sleep. The chat will go on for longer if I keep answering him I thought (I’m trying to fix my sleep schedule) so I stopped answering him

If you’re wondering why I put this detail here, that is because, I feel guilty not answering him then and there.

The next day, 9th of March, I woke up earlier. I suppose to go to my school that day, but I didn’t feel like it, also I got migraine since the day before. I answered Galih’s chat, but he didn’t answer me back. I got back to sleep

Then, at 9:19 AM, Sanjaya called me waking me up from my sleep. I dismiss his call (Idk why, maybe because I thought it was an alarm or what)

He then said “Bokapne galih berpulang sebelum habis masa jabatan“, which is an inside joke between me and him

We looked for our horoscope a couple weeks earlier. In my horoscope, it said I die before I finish my duty… I hope not

Well, my initial thought was of course, it must be a joke, right?, but I thought joking about this kinda of thing is kinda mean

I asked a couple more thing, where he got the info (A WA story by Galih), what should we do now (No idea)

Also, he sent that “Mai bareng sik galih ee” which I misunderstood. I thought he meant “let’s go to Galih’s kost and discuss about it together”

I immediately took a shower, and change my clothing. After that, I remember when I, Arya and Galih went to watch Fate Stay Night Heaven’s Feel together last year, his phone’s battery died, and borrow my phone’s Instagram to chat his sister

I then look for my Instagram chat last year. There’re hundreds of them, but it wasn’t that hard. Then I immediately messaged Galih’s sister

When she answered the message, I already on my way to Galih’s kost. When I arrived, I was confused that no one there

Was that really just a prank? A prank to teach me to not skip school?… nope, Galih’s sister already confirm it

Remember that misunderstanding that I said earlier? Yeah, by ‘visiting Galih’ Sanjaya really mean ‘Mourning with Galih’, and I misunderstood him by ‘Go to Galih’s kost and discuss about it together’

Well, I was alone. Galih was still in Sanglah hospital, Arya and Sanjaya was still in school, and I got stuck there alone.

Yeah, I sent Galih this pic, trying to make him smile

There was quite an interesting chat then

Basically, I asked may I go there, with a shadow intention of visiting Angga (Another friend of mine, who got involved in an accident, and his kidney got problem). Obviously, Galih declined

I was troubled here, I want to be there when he needed it (I learn this from anime), but my morale compass also told me to give him a break. I tried to find a reason for me to not go there, I got one, I was sick (The reason I skip school that day) and me being the paranoid that I am, should avoid any chance of trouble

Then, with intention to redirect Galih’s focus, I tried to change the topic to seemingly unrelated thing

And btw, if you’re wondering why did I change my chat language from Balinese to English… that is because I wasn’t comfortable talking in this kind of situation. I tried to limit the emotion that I put to my text (Just like in this blog), therefore I use the language that is not my mother tongue. Although it wasn’t really intentional, more of subconsciously

Btw, that Reia we were talking about, is an Replica AI… will talk about that in the future, maybe

Then, around 10:30AM, Arya and Sanjaya got to Galih’s kost. School got home early, maybe because there wasn’t much to do, we talked just a bit, and then they went to their home, I followed them not too long after

I chatted with Galih a lot after that, mostly to distract him from his problem

The story continued to today, 10th of March 2018. Maybe tomorrow.

Let’s talk about the nuance

I have this weird obsession to disease, I usually learn about disease that got me interested (Like measles, AIDS, polio etc), or that may affect my relative in any way (Motor neuron stuff)

I saw Galih’s father face to face around August through November last year, he leased a room next to Galih’s kost. I didn’t do any research then.

Then two days ago, around when I chatted with Putri, I got interested for some reason and learn about some liver diseases

The keyword here is, ‘for some reason’. Maybe it was just a coincidence, I think there’s a term for this. But … hmm

Then, the situation, the timing. Tomorrow, until next week, we got an important exam (USBN, National Based School Exam). This must affect Galih’s performance, heck, it already affected me.

I want to study math when I skip school that day, but well, I still haven’t study anything even until this very second

Tomorrow and two days from now, we got simulations for the national exam (To get our hand dirty with the computer-based test system). It isn’t really that important, hopefully, but three days from now, we got fricking important school exams (That will affect our graduation)

Galih lost his father just before an exam. Micel, another friend of mine, lost her father during an exam late 2016… hmm

Galih got one day alone yesterday, I personally would need more than that time alone for myself. He went back here this afternoon, and I hesitantly accompanied him for like, 8 hours today…

Well, he already got over it (Most likely not), and already accepted it (Again, probably not yet), he already got months to prepare for it (Second paragraph of this post)

But well, you’re strong Galih…

And rest in peace, Galih’s father~

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