Magic of Love, the song that I loved so much but don’t understand

This is really a touching song, or rather melodic to be honest

Why you may ask,well, that’s because I don’t understand the lyrics

I’m not even sure what language the song used, my best guess is Chinese. What’s even the name of the language again? Mandarin?

This is really familiar feeling, back when I was an elementary student, before I speak English fluent, or at all, I listen to a lot of western music

Something like Owl City’s Fireflies, Justin Bieber’s Baby, Lenka’s Everything at Once, Maroon 5’s Payphone, and a whole lot more

The thing is, I didn’t understand the lyrics, like at all, but still enjoyed the song anyway

It feels like, melodic of song is kinda an universal language that human understand, since in the womb, maybe

But now I understand English quite well, whenever I listen to those childhood music and switch an imaginary switch in my head, I can understand the lyrics

Though, to understand language, I also need to understand the culture of the speaker, which I only learn from internet as of now

Like the sentence “Yesterday I bought some toys at ToysRus and saw a doll that looks like Donald Trump. Even though I understand English, I wouldn’t able to get the reference

But back to the topic, this song I first listen in my junior high

See, I can’t quite figured out should I use middle school instead? Difference in culture baby

The song is used in one AMV, anime music video which my older brother listen to

It’s just great feeling listening to the music, and the visual of the AMV, the visual story telling is a really good supplement

Iroha from Hanasaku Iroha looks like she ran away from home, I am interested in this kind of story

But yeah, idk

I just installed Win10 in my writing laptop (It was Win7). And someone close to me just passed away. But gotta keep up with the daily quote

Huft, idk what am I writing anymore

Oh yeah, this song is kinda a mix between happy and sad, love and jealousy, weird but still lovely

A perfect song to accompany me in this moment~

But seriously though, I am in a mixed feeling right now 😢

And I hope the vid doesn’t get downed, like this one. It got down just a day after I write about it, coincidence?

5 Replies to “Magic of Love, the song that I loved so much but don’t understand”

  1. First time reading the English 😅
    The lyrics is not that deep (The translation at least)
    But there’s this one lyrics that’s very good
    “It’s not like the faster you get involved, the better you be” which blew me away

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