Lost in Your Eyes, that nice vocal and drop tho

I am writing a story about Mourning Afternoon right now, but then again, I see the the clock and the time is running out

I need to meet my quote for today!

Good thing I’ve fallen in love with another song today

I would say this is an EDM Song, it reminded me a lot about another edm that used a lot in travel vlog

But I can’t seem to find it, I forgot the title. Which is one reason I put this one here, just so I can find it later down the road

Who knows, maybe I would need it in the future. I definitely have a plan for it, but probably won’t execute it

I didn’t found this song, nor anyone else actually

Because today is Sunday, I just spend most of my morning and afternoon on my bed, surfing on the internet, mostly 1Cak

I didn’t watch YouTube (This afternoon at least) as I uninstalled the app (I still can watch YouTube via browser)

But because I didn’t watch YouTube, and instead just surfing the internet. There’s nothing blocking my ears

That’s when I heard a subtle but amazing (Don’t know how to describe it) melodies through the wall

It was my bed brother’s bedroom, I immediately woke up and walked my way to his bedroom

He was watching YouTube in his laptop, on a big speaker (Though small volume), I immediately asked what music is currently playing

When I glanced to his laptop’s screen, I saw a car through a dessert with a background music, so probably a travel vlog I thought

I immediately open Shazam (An app that identify music), and within 5 seconds of identifying the song, it got the title

My brother tried to guess the song and the band (Or singer? Or dj? What term should I use here?), he was wrong actually

Btw, why everytime I need Shazam to open as fast as possible, it always asks me to wait for it to set things up. Why? Why now? I already installed you for months, but why now?!

I know I know that I uninstalled you a lot, then reinstalled you later, but why though? You understand you use case right?

Like, in a mall, listening to a music that played by the mall, got interested with the song and I opened you. That is a time sensitive thing, WE ARE RACING WITH THE CLOCK PRIVATE!

Well, it was probably my fault

This is not the first time I fell in love with song that played by my siblings, whetever they intentionally play it or just a background music

Is it ‘whetever’? It’s not, but what’s the word?

The Magic of Love is one. Also there’s this one Korean Song that my younger sister played that for some reason I felt in love with

I forgot what song though :’v

Yeah, I probably really need to note those song~

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