Indonesia Happiness Index keep declining; and my thought on Indonesia low literacy index

A couple years ago, this topic come across to me. I didn’t really give it that much attention at the time, but for some reason this stays at the back of my mind, until now, and maybe some time later

I don’t really remember what the video was about, I think it’s along the way of Indonesia’s student happiness index correlated with world education ranking

Again, I didn’t remember which video was it. But I remember Indonesia didn’t rank well, not even close, I think Indonesia sit around the bottom (Again, I don’t remember this, don’t quote me on this)

This topic popped up again into my mind this morning, probably because YouTube’s video of reddit

I tried to do a bit of digging, and at I found this stats

Basically, Indonesia’s happiness index keep declining since 2015 (Which tbh, I can’t quite explain why)

Then, I stumbled upon this document of BPS (Statistics Agency of Indonesia)

Which surprised me, I don’t know what they’re doing all these years, I even thought that they didn’t actually do anything

In YouTube I often see weird statistics that obtained weird stuff, but unfortunately the data usually from US. Hope BPS would also conduct some weird survey, or/and collect statistics obtained by researcher in Indonesia

Btw, the document look like this. You can see the document at BPS website

And about my doubt of BPS, when I open their website, I saw this

Well, at least now I know BPS do doing something (Which I genuinely glad), and they do publicize it in their website under the Informasi Terbaru section (Which you should check yourself)

Also in my brief research, I found out in this video this indexing is conducted by UN SDSN (United Nation Sustainable Development Solutions Network), and started since 2012

The article in CNN, Studi: Rangking Kebahagiaan Indonesia di Dunia ‘Jeblok’ also show the same concern as in this post of mine

From Survei: Pelajar Indonesia paling bahagia sedunia I found out that student of Indonesia was ranked the happiest, well in 2013 at least. I can’t exactly say that around 2013 I was happy, but I am sure these days I am way more stressed about education than in 2013

And still related to above, from pelajar indonesia paling bahagia sedunia tapi prestasinya paling buncit I found out that even though Indonesia’s student was the happiest (Again, in 2013), they ranked at the second worst at problem-solving, science, reading and math

That is genuinely weird for me, to my knowledge, Indonesia’s student often reach high rank in International Science Olympiad, often win in fact (Didn’t do research btw, just to my knowledge). I also had read an article saying that student all over the globe came to Indonesia to study science, just because how often Indonesia win internationally. So weird, need to do cross check (No time though)

And from Peringkat dan Capaian PISA Indonesia Mengalami Peningkatan (You should open it, there’s a nice info-graphic there) I found out that Indonesia is improving in 2015 PISA result

And about 2015 PISA result, I found 2015 PISA result in OECD website. And this PISA survey is done every three years

The 2018 PISA result hasn’t been published yet, you can check it at OECD’s PISA website

And btw, about that improvement, there’s this program called Gerakan Literasi Sekolah (School Literacy Movement), which I think started since I was in junior high. Which I know at the time was the response of the government to low Indonesia literacy index, now I know where that data came from

And about that Gerakan Literasi Sekolah, my school tried to implement it, but it is not effective, there’s a small library in every classroom, there’s a bigger library in my school, they tried (But no more) to enforced student to read at the beginning of classes etc

But well, it’s not effective

You know, let’s talk about literacy a bit more

I love writing, as you might know. Around the time when I was writing Disconnect Nostalgia I found out that Indonesia put too much tax to writers (Even Tere Liye, a famous novel writer, stop writing because of this as a form of protest)

I hope Indonesia government would put more incentive for writer, maybe reducing their tax… or maybe even better, buying some quantity of their book and distributing it to schools, like what Norway does

And no! School books (School’s textbooks) doesn’t really count! I have written about this before for a script for my YouTube content, but student think that they don’t like reading because all they read are school’s textbooks

Like me myself, I didn’t think I like reading a book until one day Arya lent me a book (Titled Brothermaker) around mid 2018. Then I realized, not that I disliked reading, I just disliked reading school textbook, but I do like reading novel, I just dislike reading some flavor of books, while I do like some genre of it. Most student just not fortunate enough to get exposed to books that they may like (Me for example, got exposed by friend instead of school)

So yeah… I got sidetracked for a bit

But well, I will finish my compulsory 12 years of education soon. Hope I can contribute to a better future (And all other) generations~

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