I would rather do programming than studying for UNBK

A couple of… damn, months ago I publish this post I prefer running than studying as a result of my, well, lack of progress in my Deltalife project

Btw, I just found some weird bug in Chrome… and I just reported it, but I forgot to save my issue message -,-

Today’s post is still in the same realm with that post, except instead of running, it’s actually coding or programming

I’ve been holding myself for months! (Probably since late November or December, so, around 3 months) and I can’t hold it up any longer!

Nope, just kidding. I just feel living when I do programming, you know, so I have reason to stay on the world

Okay, let’s don’t go that route

Four days ago I publish this post, about a new icons for one of my apps (Hari Chemistry). Is it really four days?! Damn, glad I wrote about it, my sense of time really messed up

Then, three days ago (Seriously it’s been that long ago?!) I implemented the change to the apps and did some visual refresh

I also committed the change to my repo

It feels great doing programming, lemme tell you… especially that currently I am doing it for hobby (I don’t know how would I feel if I do it for a living, wait what?)

Forced to not doing it, feels like forcing a sailor to not sail, forcing a petlover to not have pet, forcing a student to not study (Actually, it might be different… you know what, I will write about it)

In Saraswati (A holy day [not holiday] where Hindu pray for the goddess of knowledge) we’re not suppose to study, or mess with books (At least that’s what people around me told me), also in Nyepi (When we’re not suppose to work). For some reason I feel like studying, what?! Yeah, there’s a psychological term for this, I forgot though… wait, reverse psychology

Then, yesterday, I created a new project that has been in my mind since like, a really long time ago. Yesterday post is this, I created this project after I publish that post… read the last paragraph of that post, it’s weird

The project called Riwallet, won’t talk the detail here though

But yesterday, in the span of around two hours, I already complete the very base architecture of the app, which is kinda an achievement for me tbh. The power of #Flutter

I push the commit 21 hours ago, so… it is around 2 AM in the morning

Eaps, sleeping that late is a problem, but that evidence I like doing it. Weird right, I don’t know why solving technical problem (Certain kind of them) feels really satisfying to me

Yeah, I may be weird. But then again, weird is just a synonym of unique~

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