I swear, Date A Live is sweet (ARMS)

Weird title? Eaps, I did that on purpose

But, let’s get something out of the way… I am kinda in a hurry right now. I am busy today, and tomorrow I got UNBK (Not that I study though), but seriously, I am busy right now

You know what? I will tell you my business right now, first tomorrow is the deadline to fill my UKT form, second I got to help my friends pay UTBK, again, I even have to go to Gianyar just to help my friends, third UNBK, forth Riwallet and some other small things

Let’s break down my weird title. I swear is the title of the song, Date a Live is the anime where I first listen to this song, sweet ARMS is the name of the band? girlband? womanband? blueband?

I don’t think I feel in love the first time listening to this song, but after a while, and couple time listening to it, I felt in love with this song

The thing that I loved the most? That combination voices, it sounds really good

Also, there’s this thing

I will be honest, I like the concept of that music video. But no, the result is kinda mediocre

Idk, they just don’t looks excited, they looks kinda bored, tired I guess… Their lip laps doesn’t match with the song… overall I don’t feel energy with the dance

Which is okay, if only the song is not energetic. But just listen it yourself, the song have a lot of energy, the dance should be full of energy, not lack of it

But I like it, the song helped it alot

So yeah, my quick post for today. Hope us the best for UNBK~

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