GitHub now allow free private repos?!

Hmm… I should write this 4 days ago… I already wrote the title, but of course I didn’t get the time to write about it

So yeah, 4 days ago, or 26th of March to be exact, when I wrote this post and when I started to crawl my way back to coding,

When I open my GitLab repos, I thought something along this line what’s up with GitHub under Microsoft?

So yeah, I opened my old dusty GitHub account, that’s when I found this new feature called as Projects, I thought oh cool

I did some experiment with it, well, I would say that I was disappointed. I thought this project feature is a way to organize projects, something like Groups in GitLab

Then, I feel like trying GitHub again, why? Because to my knowledge, most of open source project that I know of are stored at GitHub, if I active at GitHub it would give me easier time with open source project


Yeah, I want all my effort reflected in my activity Contributions thing. As of right now, my activity is splitted between GitHub and GitLab, well, I am WAY MORE active at GitLab since there’s my main project lived

And btw, this is my GitLab Contributions

I don’t think working on Private Project would showed up there publicly though

So yeah, I want to move my projects back to GitHub, just as an experiments… then, I see this

I was like, is it some kind of bug?

For you who don’t know, it wasn’t possible to store a repo at GitHub privately at FREE. I think you need to upgrade to a Pro account, which is a subscription at the cost of, wait for it, $7 a month!

Which obviously a cheap broken high schooler like me can’t afford

But now, it is possible! Should I move there? I hesitated

Then I remember, most of my project have a kinda complex architecture, a project that span in more than one repos. For example Project Letisha have one frontend repo, one backend repo, one native android repo (Archive), one React Native repo (Experimentation) and one Flutter repo

I need the feature to organize them all into one directory, which I can’t easily done in GitHub, but… I can in GitLab

Also, I think GitLab offer more feature, like Kubernetes thing, CI/CD and some more that I don’t really utilize

So yeah, there’s a lot reason to stay at GitLab, and there’s only one reason to go back to GitHub. That is just because the popularity of GitHub

Needless to stay, I still in GitLab as of now~

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