From Fun to FUNctional principle

Okay, tl;dr

A lot of practical concept, especially in math, first comes just as a challenge to mathematician. They don’t think ‘what can I use this thing for’, they though ‘oh, this is cool’ and the application comes later

That is really interesting way to see how our world come into its shape now. It came just from fun

Which is actually true to be honest, our dopamine system in our brain is actually the one that truly cause us, living being, do stuff

Dopamine is a hormone that take major role in motivation and that feel good feeling. Think about it, have you ever feel unmotivated? You don’t wanna do things

Whetever you realize it or not, just imagine our every day life. What would happen if that’s what we feel everyday

It makes me wonder, what keep me breathing, what keep me living in this struggle that is life. When I can just, stop breathing, and lose all of this responsibilities

Okay, that went to a wrong path

I got that new point of view from this video, time stamp is 5:05, yesterday

I was wondering and researching why scientist (And Flutter Custom Painter API) use radians instead of degree, which really got me interested btw

Why they use (And invented) a complicated unit that is phi radians, when we already have an intuitive way of uniting angle? I mean seriously, it tooks me seconds to visualize a 1/2phi rad when I can do it almost instantly when I said 90 degree instead

And in case you’re wondering, I haven’t found my answer yet

After some rabbit hole I ended up to that video, also calculus part 1 and part 2

As I said before, I watched that vid yesterday, but why I just write about it now? Well, one reason is because I was lazy yesterday, another reason is because I forgot

Which thanks to this vid by Seeker, it reminded me of this concept again

I guess, this is the Unluckiest principle take in effect again, what is this new concept that I came up with again? Well, I will talk about it in the future

Basically, it is kinda like Survey selection bias, with a slight variation. We notice thing that are already in our mind, so, when we thought we were unlucky, we will notice our unluckiness more than our luckiness… if that even makes sense

So, in application right now. This functional from fun thing already stuck in my mind, then when I was watching the Seeker video (Even when I didn’t put that much attention to it), when the host said something that closely resemble this thing, I immediately notice it

Weird, btw, I am working on an article about How our consciousness works. Maybe that’s why I put the thought in this article as well… idk, unluckiest principle take in place again when I tried to explain about unluckiest principle? wew

Oh yeah… you know what? I already summarize everything I wanna talk about in the second paragraph, I don’t think I need to explain it again

But I will anyway

Btw. I already learned about Fourier transform from Youtube, one of them is from this channel, The Coding Train. It felt good knowing about something complicated (Not understand it though) when other use it as an example

So yeah, when Fourier invented this concept of Fourier transform, he didn’t start by ‘oh, I know what this would be useful for! A smartphone that wouldn’t be invented long after I dead!’ he started by ‘oh, this looks cool’. Then the implementation come after that (The unluckiest principle?!)

One thing that I ‘invent’ just for fun, that I didn’t know would be useful at first, but ended up really useful for example is, The irony principle

I started thinking about it as ‘oh, this is a cool observation that I did’, then after a long time, I started realizing how useful it is being aware of this counterintuitiveness in human behavior

Maybe that’s also the case of scientific paper, the author didn’t really know how their observation would be used for, they just did it, then people come up with idea of how to use this new knowledge

Unfortunately, this may be also the reason behind the invention of atomic bomb

But yeah. that’s for today… I just notice that this is only 9:34 PM, I write and finished a post before 10 PM! What an achievement (Giving myself a pat on the back)

Well, but in work life reality, fun do lead to functional more often than not, but that doesn’t mean people don’t do the inverse

I notice staff usually functional first, then fun later… idk

Ah wuker, I already give myself 2 article to write about today, two articles debt if you may, so yeah, let’s ignore it for a sec

Then keep yourself up in the night thinking about this~

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