Exam Fatigue

I am tired, I feel tired… I was tired, I am tired, I will be tired

Today, March 13th 2018 is the first day of my senior high USBN and to put it simply, I don’t feel motivated

The motivated part mostly happen the day before, two days ago

So the subject for today’s exams are, Citizenship and Chemistry

I got both of the kisi-kisi (Basically, the material that would appear in the questions…?) but well, to put simply again, I don’t feel motivated to study

It’s weird, this exam should be the most important exam in my 3 years in senior high school. But for some reason, I just don’t want to study

I call this phenomenon, an Exam Fatigue. Yeah, I just gave it a name yesterday, and again, there should be already a name for this phenomenon, but I don’t feel looking for it

I named it after a phenomenon called Metal Fatigue. When a metal exhausted to its fullest, it will break. Exam Fatigue is quite similar to it, or maybe should I call it Student Fatigue instead?

I would attribute the reason behind my Exam Fatigue like this

As a 12th grader in Indonesia, I will have to pass a couple of major exam. Mainly USBN and UNBK

USBN (Ujian Sekolah Berbasis Nasional) is the final school exam, consist of two subexam, practical exam and theory. I have written about the practical exam part in my last practical test. And for the next 8 days I will be doing the theory ones

USBN, will determined our graduation, my teacher said. But I am not really sure what this really means. I mean, I have good grades the last 5 semesters, of course they will take it into consideration, right?

UNBK (Ujian Nasional Berbasis Komputer) in the other hand, is used for a standardized national test in Indonesia. The score that I get here will not affect anything (There’s exception, but for me personally it won’t really affect me)

The exception is for student that want to continue to work, or sekolah kedinasan as oppose to college. I want to continue to college. Also, there’s a rumor that, because the national average for the UNBK been decreasing the last couple of years, the government maybe will use this to determine our graduation. This kind of uncertainty really drive me nut

But that’s not all, as a preparation for UNBK, we will have simulation, and gladi. I already got 2 simulation (December and February), and one gladi (Last Monday and Tuesday). UNBK itself would be held next month

USBN have 15 subject to study (Eaps, too much), UNBK 4… and, there’s more

UTBK (Ujian Tulis Berbasis Komputer), is the test that would be used for SBMPTN. Alternative way for SNMPTN. I really hope I got to university using the SNMPTN way. UTBK is just too much, too hard, too uncertain

UTBK have two test, TPS (Tes Potensi Skolastik) and TKA (Tes Kompetensi Akademik). TKA have two types SOSHUM and SAINTEK

Ahhh,….,.,. see? just reading about these stuff already made you crazy, don’t you?

And that’s not all of it, there’s still a lot more that I haven’t told you yet (Because I got no time for it, and it will drive me crazy)

Okay, to summarize

USBN Practicum: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Religion, Art, Handmade, PE, Bahasa Indonesia, English (9)

USBN: Citizenship, Chemistry; Religion, Math for MIA; History, Physics; Bahasa, Biology; Art, English; PE, Compulsory Math; Handmade, Balinese; Geography (15)

UNBK: Math, English, Bahasa Indonesia, and Biology/Physics/Chemistry (Choose one, I choose Biology) (4)

UTBK SAINTEK (I am not really sure about this one): TPS, TKA (Math, Biology, Physics, Chemistry)… let’s just count it as (4), I can argue it’s more than that actually

UTBK can be followed twice, so let’s say (8)

UNBK Simulation, December (Bahasa), February (Bahasa) (2), as for now at least

UNBK Gladi: Last Monday (English), Last Tuesday (Math) (2)

Try Out, I already followed two TOs… but let’s ignore it, since it’s optional… also there’s plenty more, like a test for Private College, TOs from les (Like GO, Primagama, Kumon)

So at best case scenario, 32 test (UNBK, USBN, USBN Practicum, Simulation and Gladi). No UTBK because I assume using SNMPTN as oppose to SBMPTN

At the very least is 24 tests (USBN, UNBK, USBN Practicum) because those three are mandatory

Just listing those incomplete list already give me headache, I haven’t done most of it. They’re still in front of me, haunting my sleep

Maybe that’s why

I feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of test that I would have to follow, and it demotivated me

That decrease my motivation, my study, and my grade. I will say this is partly my fault, but I will suggest my government to reduce the stress they put onto their young generation’s shoulder

Maybe this is kinda a loop. Indonesia’s happiness been decreasing, and I will say this is part of the reason why

Huft, I feel overwhelmed

I will need your guys prayer so I got accepted for SNMPTN. I really hope so…

So yeah, back at forcing myself to study math again~

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